Wayne Brady target of racist, expletive-filled voicemail at CBS Studios

Wayne Brady confirmed reports he was the target of a racist, expletive-filled voicemail. The disturbing rant was left at CBS Studios in Los Angeles where the television host tapes Let's Make a Deal. The message was turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department, according to TMZ, and Brady's reaction to the whole ordeal is admirable. 

"I'm not mad," Brady said on Monday's TMZ Live. "I'm actually happy that we can talk about this."

TMZ posted audio of the message in which the caller, who is a man, repeatedly called Brady a "f***ing n*****." 

"I don't care what that dude has to say," the comedian declared. "You think that the best insult that you can come up with is to level that word, that piece of vitriol, that hate? You think that's clever? You think that's something that any Black person walking in this country right now hasn't heard? You are the least of my worries. You can kiss my a**."

Brady added it's "a shame" that we live in a world where "people feel they can say [whatever] they want," but he's not losing sleep over the message. In fact, he hopes this will spark a bigger conversation.

The Police Department looked into the message after CBS security filed a report. However, law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the cops determined that the voicemail didn't rise to the level of a crime.

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