US doctor says 9/11 was ‘NOTHING’ compared to coronavirus outbreak and says people of ALL ages are dying – The Sun

AN US doctor has said that 9/11 was 'nothing' compared to the coronavirus pandemic, and warns that all ages are dying.

In an interview with Sky News on Thursday, Dr Steve Kasspidis said that during the terrorist attack they were "open waiting for patients who never came", but now "they just keep coming".

The ICU Doctor, who is based at Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens, NY, said: "9/11 was nothing compared to this, we were open waiting for patients to come who never came."

Kasspidis also took the opportunity to warn people that the virus is attacking people of all ages.

"Now they just keep coming and they're all ages, don't delude yourself into thinking only the old will die, or will get it," he said.

"They're all ages."

The Dr also described the pandemic as 'hell', and said his days follow the same cycle.

He said: "People come in, they get intubated, they die, the cycle repeats. The system is overwhelmed all over the place."

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has also explained that the virus has had a worse effect on the country than 9/11, but with regards to the airline industry.

On March 17, at a White House news conference, Mnuchin said: “This is worse than 9/11 for the airline industry, they are almost grounded to a halt."

The CEO of CAE, a training company for civil aviation, Marc Parent, echoed that "this is worse than anything we've seen," when speaking to RBC Capital Markets.

Commenting on the effect that both the Great Recession and 9/11 had on businesses, Marriott International's CEO told CNBC on Tuesday: "What we're seeing is dramatically worse than what we saw in those two prior crises."

The comments came as Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that at least half of all New Yorkers will contract COVID-19.

"We are concerned about how many people are contracting the disease. I mean, I've been honest with New Yorkers – probably before this is over, half of all New Yorkers, if not more, will contract this disease," de Blasio told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday.

The mayor's announcement came as the total confirmed cases in the Big Apple topped 20,000, with at least 280 dead.

To help cope with the amount of deaths from the virus, the National Guard are setting up makeshift morgues outside the city's Bellevue Hospital.

The Guard have set up the mortuaries as Members of the Department of Homeland Security were informed on Tuesday that New York City will run out of morgue space early next week.

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