Trump fan ‘PULLS SHOTGUN on Black Lives Matter protesters' as dozens surround his home and call him 'racist'

SHOCK footage shows the moment a Trump supporter apparently pulling a shotgun on Black Lives Matter demonstrators who surrounded his house and called him a "racist".

Videos posted to Twitter show the tense exchange between a Trump supporter and Black Lives Matter protesters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Posted by twitter user @Kittylists, the videos appear to be from a Facebook live with the title, "We still lit – This goes out to all the racist neighbors out there."

A "Trump Train" flag can be seen hanging off porch of the house in the videos.

"I'm still trying to figure out whose house this is," the twitter user captioned the first video. "Milwaukee, WI – seems to be outside the house who BLM is saying pointed a gun at them."

One video shows a man in the window of the home holding what appears to be a gun and points it towards the street side of the window several times.

"You're gonna have bigger problems Pete," one protester can be heard saying in one video. "I would advice you to think wise. I don't think you know what's out here buddy."

Before the man is seen with the gun, protesters stood outside of his home, shining flashlights in the window, yelling and playing music.

One video shows police taking the man into custody as dozens of protesters applaud and cheer.

Another shows the group, including children, going onto the property after he was arrested.

"They're calling him 'Probation Pete,' and are celebrating his arrest," @Kittylist captioned the video.

According to the twitter user who posted the videos, the protesters specifically went to the man's house to protest him for "being a racist."

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