Suzanne Morphew's husband Barry sold their $1.6million Colorado home just WEEKS before murder arrest

BARRY Morphew sold the home he shared with wife Suzanne Morphew almost 10 months after her disappearance – and weeks before his arrest.

Barry, who was earlier Wednesday arrested and charged with first degree murder in the disappearance and probable death of his wife Suzanne Morphew, apparently sold their house in March after listing the $1.6 million house in October.

The three-bedroom house, located in Maysville, Colorado, was being investigated by the Chaffee County Sheriff's Office in the weeks and months following Suzanne's disappearance.

Suzanne was reported missing when she went for a solo bike ride on Mother's Day, May 10, last year.

Although her bike was found less than half a mile away, she has been missing ever since.

Through nearly a year-long investigation, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze announced during a press conference the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office was charging Barry with first degree murder in Suzanne's disappearance.

District Attorney Linda Stanley said she is “confident” in the charges made against Barry Morphew.

As part of the sheriff's office investigation – a joint collaboration with more than 70 investigators working with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, and a number of other local enforcement agencies – they searched the Maysville home.

Two search warrants were conducted on the home, with a judge ordering those documents sealed.

Barry apparently put the home on the market in October, with the house selling in early March for $1,625,000 after it was listed for $1,759,000.

The Morphews bought the home in April 2018 for $1,575,000.

Barry also sold another property in Salida, Colorado at a loss of $15,000.

He purchased a 2-acre vacant lot Longhorn Ranch Subdivision in June 2020 for $165,000 and then sold the property in February of this year for $150,000.

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