Sarah Everard's family say 'we miss her all the time' a year on since she was murdered by sick cop

SARAH Everard's heartbroken family have today said "we miss her all the time" a year on since she was murdered by a sick Met Police cop.

Her family said their lives "changed forever" when the "wonderful" 33-year-old was tragically kidnapped and murdered by PC Wayne Couzens.

On the anniversary of her horrific death, the family thanked the public for their kindness – which "comforted us through this terrible time."

And they also spoke about other grieving families who have lost women and girls in "violent circumstances" similar to how Sarah was killed.

There will also be a memorial walk through Clapham Common this evening for the anniversary of Sarah's death.

Sarah's grieving family wrote today: "It is a year since Sarah died and we remember her today, as every day, with all our love.

"Our lives have changed forever and we live with the sadness of our loss. Sarah was wonderful and we miss her all the time.

"Over the past year we have been overwhelmed with the kindness shown to us, not just by family and friends, but by the wider public.

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"We are immensely grateful to everyone for their support, it has meant such a lot to us and has comforted us through this terrible time.

"Sadly, Sarah is not the only woman to have lost her life recently in violent circumstances and we would like to extend our deepest sympathy to other families who are also grieving."

Sarah Everard's death shook the nation to its core last year – when vile Couzens staged a fake Covid arrest to abduct the marketing executive, before raping and killing her.

He was handed a whole life sentence in October last year for kidnapping, raping, murdering, and burning the body of the young woman.

He abducted her last March, as she walked home from a pal’s near Clapham Common, south-west London – using his warrant card to stage the fake arrest.

The fiend lured her in and kidnapped her before strangling and dumping her body in woodland near his Kent home.

During the heartbreaking trial last year, Sarah Everard's mum Susan read a victim statement that rocked listeners to the core.

The mum said every evening, at the time Sarah was abducted, she lets out a scream warning her daughter to not get in the vile officer's car.


She said last October: "Sarah is gone and I am broken-hearted. She was my precious little girl, our youngest child. The feeling of loss is so great it is visceral.

"And with the sorrow come waves of panic at not being able to see her again. I can never talk to her, never hold her again, and never more be a part of her life.

"We have kept her dressing gown – it still smells of her and I hug that instead of her. Sarah died in horrendous circumstances. I am tormented at the thought of what she endured.

“I think of Sarah all the time, but the mornings and evenings are particularly painful. In the morning I wake up to the awful reality that Sarah is gone.

"In the evenings, at the time she was abducted, I let out a silent scream: 'Don’t get in the car, Sarah. Don’t believe him. Run!'

"The thought of it is unbearable. I am haunted by the horror of it.

“I cling on to memories of Sarah, I hold them tight to keep them safe. The other night, I dreamt that Sarah appeared at home.

"In my dream I held her and could feel her physically. Jeremy was there, we were comforting her, saying “it’s alright Sarah, it’s alright”.

"I would give anything to hold her once more; I hope I dream that dream again.”

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