Last video of TikTok star before he was kidnapped and bashed

Jacob Najjar: TikTok star kidnapped and beaten shared video showing him happily working at his Thirsty Monkey cafe days earlier 

  • Cafe owner seen in video days before kidnapping
  • The footage was shared on social media
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A TikTok star who was kidnapped and stabbed before being dumped on the side of the road shared a video showing him happily working at his cafe days earlier.

Jacob Najjar, the owner of popular eatery Thirsty Monkey, was dragged from his unit on Grazier Street in Lidcombe, Sydney’s west, at around midnight last Saturday. 

After Mr Najjar had been kidnapped, the 36-year-old was taken to a place at an unknown address where he is understood to have been beaten and stabbed.

He was held for 24 hours before he was dumped on Lower Washington Drive in Bonnet Bay, in Sydney’s south, on Sunday night – about 30kms from where he was kidnapped. 

Mr Najjar had appeared in a TikTok video uploaded to his business’ social media page on October 28 – a week before he was abducted.

The kidnapping also came almost a year after Mr Najjar welcomed his newborn son into the family. 

Days before he was kidnapped, Jacob Najjar (pictured) was seen in a video which was put up on the Thirsty Monkey TikTok page showing the cafe owner making a pistachio spread

A smiling Mr Najjar was seen in the video making a pistachio spread. 

Mr Najjar is dressed in a black shirt and a pair of black track pants with his back turned to the camera while he stands over a large black electric mixer.

‘Couldn’t get my hands on pistachio anymore because my supplier couldn’t keep up with my demand,’ he said. 

‘So I became my own supplier.’

The video then cuts to the mixer churning large quantities of the paste.

‘Check this out,’ a beaming Mr Najjar said. ‘We make our own pistachio now.’ 

Moments later, he is seen pouring the silky mixture into a small container.

‘Look how smooth that is now,’ he said. ‘Might even change career…start making spreads.’  

He then quipped: ‘Just remember one thing if it doesn’t have the monkey baby it ain’t thirsty monkey.’ 

Mr Najjar (pictured) is the owner of popular eatery Thirsty Monkey and boasts a considerable following on social media

The business owner recently became a father and took to Instagram to announce the birth of his son (pictured)

The video appeared to have been filmed in a warehouse with cardboard boxes and and wooden pallets stacked up against the wall. 

A motorbike could be seen parked behind Mr Najjar as he was pouring the pistachio spread into the container.  

Mr Najjar has opened up cafes in Parramatta, Wentworth Point and Marrickville with his business a hit among locals.

His business TikTok page has more than 20,000 followers while his personal Instagram account has over 37,000.

Shocked locals found Mr Najjar suffering from facial injuries and stab wounds on a quiet suburban street on the night he was dumped by his attackers. 

The locals who found him called triple-0 with paramedics treating him at the scene before rushing him to Sutherland Hospital.

Mr Najjar told police he was knocked unconscious and couldn’t remember how the assault happened or the appearance of his captors, the Daily Telegraph reported.  

NSW Police released a statement revealing an investigation has been launched into the matter.

Mr Najjar was found with stab wounds lying on the street in Sydney’s south last Sunday before locals who found the 36-year-old man called the ambulance to the scene

The motive behind the kidnapping is not known. No arrests or charges have yet been laid. 

Mr Najjar was kidnapped almost a year after he announced the birth of his son.

He made a gushing Instagram post sharing a photo of his newborn.

‘I will protect you for ever,’ he wrote. 

He was once pictured with senior members of the Alameddine gang associates. 

Daily Mail Australia does not suggest any wrongdoing by Mr Najjar. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Mr Najjar (bottom right) was previously pictured with Alameddine gang associates John-Ray Baysarri (top left), Murat Gulasi (top centre) and Masood Zakaria (top right)

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