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FLORIDA has recorded more than 5,700 cases of coronavirus and 71 deaths statewide.

In response to the outbreak, authorities have introduced several measures to help stop the spread.

Is it safe to travel to Florida?

Florida's governor Ron DeSantis introduced restrictions for visitors arriving in the state from New York due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A 14 day self-quarantine will be imposed on anyone visiting from the area.

This comes as New York has become the worst hit state in the country, having recorded over 67,000 cases of the deadly virus.

The restriction has now been extended to travelers from Louisiana, where over 4,000 cases of the bug has been recorded.

Of his travel measures, the governor said: “Look, we’re either trying to fight this virus or we are not.

“We’ve done what we could with New York City and we’re also doing the same with the New Orleans hot spot."

Additionally, checkpoints will be introduced for people driving into the state.

Any traveler coming in from these areas must declare and agree to the 14 day quarantine.

Failure to do so could result in a $500 fine or jail time of up to 60 days.

Florida airport authorities have also been instructed to identify travelers from places declared as hotspots of Covid-19.

The mayor has suggested tougher restrictions saying he does not have the "ability" to cancel flights as that is under federal jurisdiction.

Travelers to the state are advised to keep these restrictions in mind and check whether their location has been added to the state's list of hotspots before traveling.

Nationwide, the country has recorded more than 164,000 cases of the virus making the US the worst hit country in the world.

Is there a lockdown in Florida?

Governor DeSantis, in a coronavirus briefing live streamed from the Capitol, said to residents: "Protect yourself. Now is not the time to go outside.

"Don’t get involved in any big crowds, use this time to protect yourself".

On Sunday, March 29, the state saw its biggest jump in cases in a single day with 900.

Florida currently does not have a lockdown in place and health experts have warned cases will continue to rise as a result.

Although there is no statewide lockdown, counties and cities have been issuing their own local restrictions and orders.

Some, such as Broward County and Miami-Dade, have implemented a stay at home orders, others have put in beach closures or work at home instructions.

The city of Miami has put in a stay at home order resulting in a pastor who flouted the rule being arrested after holding large church services.

Disney World and Disneyland theme parks have been closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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