House approves $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid package, rushes bill to Trump

The House rushed President Donald Trump a $2.2 trillion rescue package Friday, tossing a life preserver to a U.S. economy and health care system left flailing by the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said he would sign the measure immediately.

“The American people deserve a government wide, visionary, evidence-based response to address these threats to their lives and their livelihood. And they need it now,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

“We are going to help Americans through this. We are going to do this together,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

Members of the House of Representatives shouted down Rep. Thomas Massie as they passed the coronavirus stimulus bill — with one lawmaker bellowing “f–k you!” at the Kentucky Republican.

Massie forced hundreds of lawmakers to return to the House chamber for the vote after indicating he would raise a point of order that fewer than 50 percent of lawmakers were present as required.

But when the libertarian engineer stood to protest that the chamber was not full, a furious colleague shouted “look around!”

Surrounding Massie were hundreds of Republicans and Democrats who packed into the chamber and also the public viewing gallery one floor above to maintain enough distance to avoid spread of COVID-19.

“F–k you!” a man sitting on the Democratic side of the aisle shouted at Massie, prompting heads to snap toward the voice responsible for the rare lack of decorum. The speaker was not immediately known.

Massie explained on Twitter just before noon that the Constitution requires a quorum, and that he opposes the bill on substance too.

“This stimulus should go straight to the people rather than being funneled through banks and corporations like this bill is doing,” Massie wrote. “2 trillion divided by 150 million workers is about $13,333.00 per person. That’s much more than the $1,200 per person check authorized by this bill.”

President Trump fumed against Massie on Friday morning, calling him a “third rate Grandstander” and adding: “throw Massie out of Republican Party!”

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