Hero doctors saving lives during coronavirus pandemic are writing their WILLS and feel like they’re working at Chernobyl – The Sun

THE HERO doctors who are saving lives during the coronavirus are writing their wills amid the pandemic. 

Doctors who are battling the COVID-19 crisis have also been updating lists of who should look after their children if they die.

Speaking to the New York Times on Thursday, anesthesiologist Dr. Michelle Au explained how she sat down with her husband had to decide who would take care of their three children.

She said: "We have it four deep now.

“The top two choices are older and these people are in a high-risk group.

"The third person is a doctor.

"So we added a fourth person who is a low risk for contracting this thing. As the backstop in case it comes to that.”

Dr. Au is responsible for intubating people who cannot breathe due to complications caused by the coronavirus.

She described her experience during the pandemic as: "Have you seen the HBO show 'Chernobyl'? There are invisible risks that trail you."

The Dr said that every day she has to shower, wash her hair and change her clothes, before she leaves the hospital.

She also follows the same routine when she gets home, due to having been travelling in the car.

Au then goes to sleep in her basement so that her husband, who is a surgeon, can 'stay healthy'.

Dr. Marshall also told the Times that he has been encouraging his colleagues to draw wills up, if they haven't already.

He said: “We know what’s coming.

“There are a good number of people who are going to die here.

"Health care workers will be part of that number.”

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