Hackers stole Ethereum worth $185,000 from Bill Murray after he auctioned an NFT for charity

Hackers stole Ethereum worth more than $180,000 raised by Bill Murray as part of a charity auction, CoinDesk reported.

Hackers stole 119 of the cryptocurrency from the actor’s personal wallet on Thursday evening, data shows, that was intended for Chive Charities.

Murray was auctioning off a “Beer with Bill Murray” NFT on Wednesday. The successful bidder won a meeting with the comic actor while an artist painted the scene on canvas and to turn into a digital copy.

However, the next day the hacker made off with 119.2 Ethereum that Murray had raised for the charity. Coinbase user Brant Boersma was the successful bidder, beating six others who made a total of 60 bids.

The runner-up, Coinbase user Mishap72, sent 120 Ethereum worth about $187,000 to Chive to reimburse the charity, a representative of the marketplace told CoinDesk.

The hacker also tried to steal 800 NFTs from the Bill Murray 1,000 collection, but was protected by a wallet security team called Project Venkman, per CoinDesk.

Representatives for Murray told CoinDesk it had filed a police report and was working with Chainalysis to track down the hacker.

Murray’s misfortune is the latest high-profile case of crypto hacking.

In June, Buzzfeed reported how Seth Green was forced to hand over a $260,000 ransom to a hacker that stole his Bored Ape Ethereum NFT, which was to be the main character in one of Green’s upcoming shows.

Crypto heists are proving increasingly lucrative, with nearly $2 billion in digital currency stolen in the first half of this year, according to a study by Chainalysis.

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