David Cameron 'embarrassed' over revelations in Lady Swire memoir

David Cameron says he’s ’embarrassed’ by revelations of his partying and sex jokes in Lady Swire’s memoirs – including jesting he’d like to ‘push her into the bushes and give her one’

  • Hugo Swire’s wife Sasha Swire makes disclosures in her explosive debut book 
  • David Cameron says the diaries written by Lady Swire are ’embarrassing’
  • Diary of an MP’s Wife: Inside and Outside Power is being serialised by The Times 

David Cameron has admitted he is embarrassed by the lewd revelations made about him in Sasha Swire’s political memoir. 

The former Prime Minister said he did not want details of his private life ‘splashed all over the place’ in an interview with Times Radio to be aired this morning. 

In Lady Swire’s unabashed book, she details how the then-Tory PM told her not to walk ahead of him on a coastal stroll because her scent was ‘affecting my pheromones’.

Asked about the revelations, Mr Cameron said he ‘didn’t recall that conversation’ but added: ‘Look if someone wrote down all your banter in private over the years there are probably going to be a few bits and pieces..’

He tells Times Radio: ‘Of course it’s kind of embarrassing when you have things you say and do in private splashed all over the place and of course you’d rather that didn’t happen. 

‘But I suppose the truth is if you want respect for your privacy and people not questioning you character and private life and all the rest of it, then politics probably isn’t the career for you so you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.’  

The former Prime Minister (pictured on Monday), said he did not want details of his private life ‘splashed all over the place’ in an interview with Times Radio to be aired this morning.

Extracts from Sasha Swire’s amazing tell-all diary reveal how David Cameron asked her not to walk ahead of him on a walk in Polzeath because her scent was ‘affecting my pheromones’

Sasha Swire, the wife of former Tory MP Sir Hugo Swire (pictured together in 2011), will reveal her experiences inside the world of politics in her new book .

Killer political quips 

  • George Osborne, former Chancellor: Looked like a ‘­caddish extra on Downton Abbey’. Pasty tax showed he was ‘too clever to be sensible’. 
  • Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary: Arrived at a meeting ‘looking like he usually looks, sweaty, just out of the gym and wanting to kill people’.
  • Matt Hancock, Health Secretary: ‘Particularly disingenuous. Quite an actor that one.’ 
  • Esther McVey, former Work and Pensions Minister: ‘More ladette than lady.’ 
  • Francis Maude, Cabinet Office Minister in Cameron government: ‘Fagin-like, villainous-looking with tight little weasel eyes.’ 
  • William Hague former Foreign Secretary: He was ‘foolish’ to issue a statement about the ‘gynaecological secrets’ of wife Ffion in response to unsubstantiated ‘gay rumours’ about him. Hague is ‘only ever interested in himself, his ministers are gnat bites on his ankles, or so he makes them feel’. 
  • Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary: Tells Sir Hugo he was fed up with his wife’s vegan cooking, so was thrilled to find a ham and chicken bake in the oven. He ‘gobbled it down lustily, and when his wife came home she asked where the dog’s food was’. 
  • John Bercow, former House of Commons Speaker: He is ‘a little weasel, creepy, revolting, little goblin, gripped by his own smug sanctity, dislikes Hugo’. 
  • Donald Trump: ‘A filthy, racist misogynist’. 

John Bercow is ‘a little weasel, creepy’

In the book, Lady Swire says her husband Sir Hugo Swire and Cameron were ‘laughing uproariously’ about the size of the private parts of certain Tories, including Gove, at a birthday party for George Osborne in the Chancellor’s No11 flat.

Gove’s manhood was ‘like a slinky that comes down the stairs before the rest of the body,’ said Sir Hugo. Cameron thought this ‘hilarious’. 

She claims Cameron liked her, ‘because I am not remotely nervous around him. I’m cheeky, occasionally lewd and sometimes a little too challenging’.   

Extracts from the tell-all diary reveal how the Conservative Prime Minister asked Mr Swire’s wife not to walk ahead of him on a coastal path in Polzeath because her scent was ‘affecting my pheromones’. 

Writing about the alleged incident, which Mrs Swire claims occurred in August 2011 on a three-day break to Cornwall, she claims: ‘At one point, on the coastal path, he (David Cameron) asks me not to walk ahead of him. ‘Why?’ I ask, and he says: ‘Because that scent you are wearing is affecting my pheromones. It makes me want to grab you and push you into the bushes and give you one!’ 

‘This is not flirting by the prime minister. This is probably lewdness. But hell, I’m so starved of masculine interest at my age it made me smile.’ 

Mrs Swire’s book Diary of an MP’s Wife: Inside and Outside Power, which is being serialised in The Times, also recounts a dinner in Dorneywood, the Chancellor’s country house, where Mr Cameron shares anecdotes about foreign leaders including ‘the Sarkozys’ fake marital displays’ and Italian premier Berlusconi’s two-way mirror.

‘I sit next to Dave at dinner. He gives us wonderful vignettes of the Sarkozys’ fake marital displays and of being given a tour around Rome’s equivalent of No 10 by Berlusconi,’ she writes. 

‘When they come to his bedroom he points at a Renaissance two-way mirror above the bed and with his characteristic grin says, ‘Well, they didn’t have porn channels in those days, did they?”

Mrs Swire, who worked as a journalist before taking on the role of political researcher for her husband’s office from 2001 to 2009, offers a candid account of life as an MP’s wife and lifts the lid on the inner Tory circles thanks to the secret diary she kept for 20 years. 

Mrs Swire, the daughter of former Defence Secretary Sir John Nott, also reveals how only ‘ten per cent’ of politics was ‘above the surface’ and there were many others, including the wives of MPs and civil servants, who were all a part of the equation. 

Writing about the alleged incident in Cornwall in August 2011, Mrs Swire: ‘At one point, on the coastal path, he (David Cameron) asks me not to walk ahead of him. ‘Why?’ I ask, and he says: ‘Because that scent you are wearing is affecting my pheromones. It makes me want to grab you and push you into the bushes and give you one!” Pictured, the PM in Cornwall in 2014

David and Samantha drinking coffee at the Surfside Cafe in Polzeath, Cornwall, in 2014 – on what was the family’s fifteenth holiday since moving into Downing Street

In her book, Mrs Swire goes on to question the condemnation former Prime Minister David Cameron received for his resignation honours list, asking why the politician was called out for listing his cronies if he wanted to.  

Her comments come years after Mr Cameron came under fire from senior Conservatives for his resignation honours list of gongs for his friends and allies in 2016. The list of of 48 recommendations included a gong for Isabel Spearman, a personal aide to Samantha Cameron.

Mrs Swire first decided to email the extracts of her diary to a literary agent after her husband stood down in 2019. Within three weeks she found herself signing a non-fiction book deal and becoming a debut author. 

She states in a preface to her book that she had never intended to publish her diaries because it would have been a ‘betrayal’ of her family and friends, adding that some of her entries ‘might offend without meaning to’. 

She changed her mind because ‘it is always men who write history’. 

Old Etonion Sir Hugo was MP for East Devon from 2001-2009 and also served as minister for the foreign office. He left the Commons on November 6, 2019. 

  • Diary Of An MP’s Wife, by Sasha Swire, is published by Little, Brown £20. © Sasha Swire 2020.

… and Boris ‘knocks back cheapo plonk’ 

Lady Swire recalls how Boris Johnson drank cheap wine ‘at an alarming rate’ during a dinner at No 10 Downing Street.

It happened in August last year when her husband Sir Hugo Swire told the Prime Minister that he was retiring as an MP at the 2019 general election.

Lady Swire tells how she watched Mr Johnson as he ‘stuffs in more mouthfuls and knocks back the cheapo plonk at an alarming rate’.

She describes how she looked at his ‘pale, sweaty face’ and he looked back ‘as if he is working out if I’m shaggable’, adding: ‘He’d probably do the same if a sheep walked in the room.’ She describes Mr Johnson as ‘cheeky’, ‘flippant’, ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘bombastic’.

Lady Swire says that Mr Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds, whom she refers to as his ‘hot young vixen’, was not at the dinner because she had ‘p***** off to Greece, apparently’. This ‘disappointed’ Lady Swire’s husband, ‘who thought he might get to sit next to her’.

Lady Swire adds: ‘For all his hinterland and hot young vixen and his agile mind, Boris just came across as someone who is desperately lonely and unhappy.’

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