Brit holiday warning over ‘zombie cannibal’ drug Flakka as cops bust dealer in Spanish resort | The Sun

BRITS heading to Spain have been warned dealers may try to flog them a deadly and highly addictive drug following a bust.

Flakka has earned itself the chilling nickname of "zombie cannibal" drug as it has a reputation for causing violent and erratic behaviour.

It is a man-made substance often imported from China that causes zombie-like psychotic episodes and even cannibalistic attacks.

Flakka, which looks like household bath salts and originated in Florida, can be eaten, snorted, injected or vaped.

It is said to give users a feeling of euphoria and a heightened sense of awareness.

The drug causes a high similar to cocaine, but also delusions and paranoia – and clips of users erratically jerking their limbs after taking it are sometimes circulated on social media.

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The drug can give users the appearance of having super strength while also significantly heating up body temperature to more than 41 degrees.

Other complications include elevated blood pressure as well as potentially causing a stroke or heart attack.

Despite its disturbing side effects, the drug – also known as alpha-PVP, bubble or gravel  – can be popular as it is dirt cheap, often costing as little as £2.30 a hit.

Cops in Costa Blanca, Alicante, this week snared dealers trying to sell Flakka.

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Two men were arrested in Villajoyosa, where officers seized a 100g packet of the drug, reports Olive Press.

They also found a huge amount of cocaine and other drugs.

At least three deaths from poisoning have been recorded in Spain.

Last year, police were called to a health centre in Cehegin, Murcia, after a patient started to eat himself.

Medics were unable to restrain the 30-year-old and were forced to call cops.

He repeatedly bit himself and laughed after taking Flakka and had to be held down to stop him continuing the chilling cannibal act.

In 2016, a British tourist had to be sedated and restrained after allegedly taking Flakka in Ibiza.

The man acted "very violently" and went "berserk", police said.

Meanwhile, in the UK Andrea Horvathova was just 23 when she was found dead with Flakka in her system, after a drug-fuelled house party.

The drug has been linked to a wave of cannibalistic and violent, frenzied attacks.

In 2016, a naked British tourist was arrested after running through San Antonio behaving aggressively after taking Flakka.

And in September 2019, a video showing prisoners biting the head off a live mouse while high on the drug caused outrage.

In 2012, Rudy Eugene, thought to be high on the drug, chewed the face and eyeball off homeless Ronald Poppo in Miami.

Eugene was naked when he attacked and maimed Poppo in an 18-minute encounter which saw him take off his victim's pants and bite off most of his face, leaving him blind in both eyes.

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