Boris Johnson is blunt but correct to say EU chiefs are being 'abusive' to Britain

EU's tantrum

THE one big mistake Brexiteers made was to trust the EU to act in good faith even after we voted Leave.

We knew they’d be upset. But we assumed they would regretfully respect our nation’s decision and then do right by their businesses and their citizens’ jobs. They did neither.

Instead Brussels’ bureaucrats did their level best to punish Britain and help Remainers reverse Brexit.

Thwarted there, they then chose not to negotiate a trade deal honestly — instead making farcical power grabs they knew we could never allow. Now, three months before we finally leave, they threaten further to stop food moving freely through our sovereign nation.

Boris Johnson is blunt but correct to call that “abusive”. Which is why The Sun accepts that the Withdrawal Agreement, as written, cannot remain the last word on the matter.

Many object to over-riding the treaty — though the PM now intends to give MPs a final veto on that.

But we’ll be frank. Those who, for whatever reason, allow Brussels to retain powers over newly independent Britain will reveal their true colours: Blue and gold.

A sick joke

IF you don’t have Covid symptoms, don’t now get a test. And don’t go to A&E thinking they’ll let you have one.

No, we are not blaming this entire ­crisis on those with a sniffle, or less. The system is clearly broken.

For all its alleged capacity, and the PM’s vow to boost it massively within a month, the processing labs cannot cope and securing a local test is a nightmare.

But those without a new and continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss of taste and smell are also flooding the system, making matters worse.

In fairness to them, the Health Secretary DID blithely urge us all to get tested if in doubt.

In reality, his testing system was ­woefully underprepared for a surge inevitable when schools went back. Why?

Futile politics

IF class war worked, Jeremy Corbyn would be Prime Minister.

So it is staggering that even now ­Labour’s leaders think it wins new votes to paint Tories as rich, heartless, grouse-shooting toffs, as Sir Keir Starmer’s deputy did yesterday.

Even a Corbynite like Angela Rayner can surely learn from Jezza’s four years of fruitlessly banging on about Boris and David Cameron being posh.

Why waste time on that when there are so many real failings to criticise?

It may win social media “likes” from those already certain to vote Labour.

But the millions who handed Boris his 80-seat majority last December have heard it all before. And they couldn’t care less.

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