Boozy uni freshers hit the streets in some VERY interesting outfits for student night out

BOOZY medical students let their hair down in style last night after donning fancy dress outfits for a special annual party. 

The youngsters from the University of Birmingham Medical Society hit the town the week after the official Freshers Week ended. 

But that didn’t stop the uni students from getting boozy as they made their way down Brimingham’s infamous Broad Street.

Partygoers are given the freedom to dress up as anything – with one group of girls really going for the cheese factor as bright red Babybels. 

Some of the outfits were even topical as one group decided to go as a bunch of out of order petrol pumps after almost a week of national chaos. 

More traditional outfits were also seen with some pretending to be police officers, while others went as members of the Mystery Machine gang from Scooby Doo.

Another group of girls went as sweet treat Colin the Caterpillar cake, while a trio dressed as a knife, fork and spoon. 

Others made a tongue in cheek joke about the pandemic, and created outfits that made them look like they were on a Zoom call. 

Drunken students also managed to pull off dressing like a giant whoopie cushion, and another group went as a gang of Henry hoovers. 

Last year the infamous Medsoc event had to be cancelled due to the pandemic but it appears to have come back with a bang for most students. 

The night also reportedly sells a legendary drink called ‘Heidi’, which was originally made by a Birmingham medical student who is now a successful GP in Stourbridge. 

It consists of two shots of Archers, two of Smirnoff and one of Malibu, all in a pint glass and topped with orange or cranberry juice and lemonade.

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