Another NYC hospital is moving bodies with a forklift

A second Brooklyn hospital has resorted to using a forklift to move its dead patients in broad daylight amid the surging coronavirus pandemic.

Photos shot Thursday afternoon show a worker in protective gear operating the red Heli moving-and-lifting machine on the Kings Highway service road in front of New York Community Hospital in Midwood.

A sticker on the side of the forklift says it’s owned by Pinnacle Lift of New York in Oceanside, Long Island.

Two teams of hospital workers spent about 45 minutes wheeling gurneys carrying about a dozen bodies, wrapped in white sheets, from the emergency room around the corner on Avenue O and loading them into the trailer.

The distance from the ER to the trailer, which is parked just west of the hospital’s main entrance, is about 425 feet.

NYCH using forklift for bodiesNYCH using forklift for bodiesNYCH using forklift for bodies

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