Worried GMB host intervenes as Ben Shephard takes swipe at Kate Garraway

Ben Shephard has left fellow Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway less than impressed after he made a sly dig about her age.

The Tipping Point host, 48, was presenting Friday's edition of the ITV show (October 6) with broadcaster Kate when they began to discuss conkers. This weekend will see the World Conker Championship take place in Southwick, near Peterborough.

But the championship has been embroiled in controversy due to the effect of poor weather conditions. According to officials, wet weather across summer has led to poor growing conditions for the chestnuts, which in turn leaves them mushy and easy to break.

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Kate and Ben were discussing the issue, as officials are permitting competitors to bake their conkers before going into the contest. If a conker is baked somewhat, it automatically hardens – making it much harder to break.

Ben and Kate played a game of conkers live on the show, with Kate putting her lack of skill in the game on full show for viewers. She admitted after she tried to break Ben's nut that she had never played the game before.

"I've never learned how to play conkers," Kate admitted before Ben took his swipe. He said: "Well, when you were back in school – you know, in the 1950s – you had to play conkers in the playground."

Kate looked visibly stunned by the comment and was clearly left unimpressed by Ben's remark. She gave a look to the camera to show her disappointment to those watching at home.

The pair went on to play the game again, with co-host Charlotte Hawkins grimacing as she watched Kate try to break Ben's conker. "I'm slightly worried about this," she joked.

Garraway then took a large swing and missed Ben's nut and instead hit her arm, leaving her in pain. As she sat down, she laughed: "I think what we've proved that it takes a lot of skill and practice."

"It takes skill – clearly I've not got it. It must be a flick of the wrist!" Kate admitted. Ben interjected and said: "Conkers are one of those things where, if you don't get it right, it does really hurt."

Kate agreed, holding her arm and confessing: "It does hurt! I think I'll have a bruise now!" The pair went on to discuss the campaign by expert sportspeople to make conkers an Olympic sport.

Both Ben and Kate deemed the move "interesting", adding that many schools had banned the sport from playgrounds. Ben quipped: "They banned it for exactly the reason you illustrated, Kate! It's really dangerous."

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