Who is Tiger King’s John Finlay and does he have new teeth? – The Sun

TIGER King has fast become the most talked about show on Netflix so far in 2020.

The docu-series features John Finlay – here's his story so far…

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Who is John Finlay?

John is the ex-husband of Tiger King's Joe Exotic.

Not much is known about his life before he met Joe.

He first joined the staff of Joe's G.W. Exotic Animal Park in 2003, when he was 19.

John worked there as president of the park until 2013, when he left.

When did John Finlay marry Joe Exotic?

In 2013, he entered a throuple with new park employee, Travis Maldonado, then 19 and Joe.

Their wedding was zoo-themed and they wore matching pink suits.

However, his relationship with the pair fell apart soon after he left his job at the animal park.

Meanwhile, Travis ended up accidentally killing himself in 2017.

Does John Finlay have new teeth?

Since filming wrapped, the biggest change of all for John are his new teeth.

He's virtually unrecognisable from his appearance in the documentary, when he pretty much just had one big tooth following his addiction to meth.

Now he is sporting pearly white gnashers after having them fixed.

Where is John Finlay now?

Throughout the series we heard interviews with Joe Exotic's other husband John Finlay.

We also learnt that John ran off with a woman after leaving Joe.

John is now married to a woman named Stormey Sanders, who runs his Facebook fan page alongside him called called The Truth About John Finlay.

Talking about his wife, he wrote on the social networking site: "She is my wife, more then[sic] I could have ever hoped to find, my soul mate and true love.

"I'm happier then I could have ever hoped to be."


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