Viewers distracted by stunning Michelle Keegan while watching ITV’s Tina and Bobby

On Wednesday evening, viewers at home were treated to the chance to catch Tina and Bobby once again after ITV decided to re-air the drama.

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The three-part series was originally released in 2017 and stars Michelle Keegan as Tina Moore and Lorne MacFadyen as the late football legend Bobby Moore, but it seems fans of the show were pretty distracted during episode one. Taking to social media, plenty were enjoying the plot and story behind the show – which portrays the highs and lows throughout Tina and Bobby’s personal and professional life – but many were distracted by Michelle’s “stunning” portrayal as Tina.

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Viewers were loving re-watching ITV’s Tina and Bobby

One person wrote on Twitter: “Trying to watch #TinaAndBobby but spend the whole time staring at @michkeegan how can one person be so perfectly beautiful?!! #GirlCrush.” A second viewer echoed this sentiment, writing: “Watching #TinaAndBobby as I missed it the first time it was on, @MichKeegan is absolutely stunning #WomanCrushWednesday.” Another fan tweeted: “Missed it the first time round, but it’s really good and @michkeegan looks beautiful #TinaAndBobby.”

Meanwhile, others were left feeling emotional while re-watching the mini-series, which is full of plenty of devastating moments, including Bobby’s cancer diagnosis, the breakdown of their marriage and struggling to cope with the level of fame they were afforded. A fan on social media wrote: “Cried my way through #TinaAndBobby – marriage, babies, illness, ups and downs. And life… it goes on!” Another was riveted while watching: “Tina & Bobby has me gripped. Gosh, what a legend he was in so many ways, and what a strong and supportive woman Tina was! #TinaAndBobby.”

The drama originally aired in 2017

Bobby and Tina were together at the height of Bobby’s fame when he was captain of the England squad and lead them to victory at the World Cup in 1966. The former West Ham player was hailed as a legend in the sport right up until his death in 1993. The show was created from Tina’s memoirs, Bobby Moore: By The Person Who Knew Him Best and Tina herself, now 75-years-old, worked as a script consultant. The footballer’s widow even met with the cast during production, particularly Michelle, giving her anecdotes and tips on playing her.

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