Too Close viewers struggle to watch ITV drama as they blast ‘awful’ sex scene

Too Close: Dr Emma Robertson gets intimate with husband

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*The following article contains explicit content*

The new drama starring Emily Watson and Denise Gough gripped the nation tonight as it made its debut on ITV. And while some viewers praised the three-part series for being “gripping” yet “disturbing”, others found the sex scene between Dr Emma Robertson (played by Emily Watson) and her husband Si Robertson (Risteárd Cooper) difficult to watch.

The mini-series which will air over three consecutive nights centres on Dr Emma Robertson, who is tasked with helping Connie Mortensen (Denise Gough) – a woman accused of a despicable crime.

When viewers are first introduced to Connie, they see her battered and bruised and isolated in a psychiatric unit.

Through flashbacks, they see a different side to her – a confident, yet emotionally vulnerable woman.

She is married to her husband Karl Mortensen (Jamie Sives) and has two children, but she lost everything in horrific circumstances.

During the first episode, Connie gets into Emma’s head and taunts her over her sex life with her husband.

Determined to prove to herself that she and Si had a good sex life, Emma initiated sex with her husband in the kitchen when she got home from work.

As the sex scene played out, some viewers had to turn away while others branded it “awful”.

Taking to Twitter one commented: “Finding it hard to watch.”

Another tweeted: “Why does every drama have to have these God awful sex scenes???”

A third added: “That sex scene with Dr Robinson was really sad. Like I felt sorry for both of them that they’re married to each other.”

A fourth said: “Eww sex scenes.”

“The sex scene was AWKWARD,” a fifth penned.

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Some viewers also spotted that Emma didn’t remove her trousers during the intimate scene.

One viewer wrote: “Remember sex works best when the woman takes her trousers off.

Another tweeted: “Wow sex without even taking their pants down!”

Episode one of the ITV drama ended on a cliffhanger as it appeared that Connie was going to get a visit from an old acquaintance.

Speaking to and other media ahead of the series, the actress who plays Connie teased twists and turns for her character.

“I think it’s like treats, you don’t want to give everything away at once. You miss out on the joy of the journey,” she said.

“You are given these treats through each episode so by the end it is very satisfying.”

Discussing how the series deliberately blurs the line between protagonist and antagonist, she added: “That’s far more interesting to work on and to watch. So for me, when you think of the goody and baddy, it’s oversimplifying everything.

“So that’s what was most interesting to me about the script as I didn’t quite know, certainly until I had read it until the end, what the whole story was.

“It’s my job to have compassion and empathy myself for whoever I’m playing, I don’t necessarily have to like them.”

Too Close returns on Tuesday night at 9pm on ITV.

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