'Tiger King': Joe Exotic's Fourth Husband, Dillon Passage, Speaks For the First Time About Netflix's Series

One of the most outrageous parts about Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries is the polygamy aspect of it. Joe Exotic‘s fourth and most recent husband, Dillon Passage, gave his first interview about the series recently and revealed that the two are going strong.

‘Tiger King’ is one of the most popular series out right now

Tiger King is a big hit for Netflix and it has been trending on social media pretty much each day since it first dropped.

The documentary series’ main subject is Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, more commonly known as Joe Exotic.

Tiger King as a whole focuses on several big cat conservators and collectors, though the central storyline is the feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, who is the owner of Big Cat Rescue. The series has many plotlines in between all of this, including polygamy and an alleged murder-for-hire plot. Exotic is currently in prison, having been convicted of trying to have Baskin killed.

In the series Exotic is portrayed has having multiple husbands, and was depicted as being married to two at once. His fourth and current husband, Dillon Passage, was shown in the Netflix series and married him not soon after the death of one of his other husbands, Travis Maldonado.

Dillon Passage opens up in a new interview

In an interview with Variety, Passage talked about the new Netflix series and the current state of affairs involving Exotic. He confirmed that he and Exotic are still together, stating, “We are still married.”

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He talked about remaining with the convicted criminal, stating, “I wasn’t just going to abandon him when he needed help because he was there for me. I felt it was only right to stand by him and not judge him for the circumstance because I understood his relationship with Carole. It was a very negative kind of thing and he was in a dark place when all of this stuff occurred. He just needed support so I was just going to stand next to him.”

Passage also gave an update on how his husband is reacting to all of the attention he is receiving due to the Netflix series.

“He had received hundreds and hundreds of emails, and he was spending all day on the computer just going through these emails and trying to respond to them. He had people from all over the world saying like, ‘Team Joe’ [and] ‘Free Joe.’ I would talk to him about some of the memes that were made and he just laughed his butt off. It was hilarious. He loved it. He loves the attention, obviously, so any fame or spotlight that he has had was greatly appreciated.”

Passage also defended Joe Exotic against critiques that have been levied against him since the series debuted. “He’s, honest to God, a really good man and he has good beliefs,” he said. “When people need help, he’s the first person that they call and he doesn’t hesitate to say yes. He’s bailed so many people out of jail, he’s gotten them vehicles. He has fed them when they had no food. I’d come home all the time and people would be raiding our fridge.”

Tiger King is currently streaming on Netflix.

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