These 'Stranger Things 4' Volume 2 Theories Are More Surprising Than That Finale Twist


Dungeons and Dragons, iconic ’80s films, and horror films have certainly inspired Stranger Things over the years, and this is more evident than ever in the show’s fourth season. With two more episodes still on the way, it’s anyone’s guess what happens next. Luckily for us, superfans have been hard at work trying to figure out what will go down part 2. Some theories are good. Others will break your heart, depending on who your favorite character is. But all of them will get you hyped for episodes 8 and 9.

Here are the best fan theories for Stranger Things 4 part 2.

Steve is going to die in part 2 or before the end of the show.

We know, we know. We don’t actually want this to happen either. But surprisingly, it is one of the most common theories out there after everything that went down in season 4. Apparently, becoming a lovable character makes you an automatic target. The interesting part is that while a lot of people think he’ll die, no one can really agree on how he’ll go. Hopefully this means that Steve just doesn’t

stranger things theory spoiler:

i’m sorry but the way they are making steve so likable and trying to heighten the complexities of his bond/attraction with nancy this season feels like it’s a setup to k*ll him off. i really wouldn’t be surprised if he goes in the next chapter

Stranger Things Season 4 Theory: Steve is definitely dying. They are teasing nancy and steve just so they can kill off steve. Steve will most likely sacrifice himself for nancy either whilst she is in Vecnas mind control or after during some other situation.

is no one gonna talk about how mr. steve harrington got bitten by bats in the upside down and how robin is fearing that he might got rabies or sumthn from them? IDK BUT I HAVE THIS THEORY THAT HE MIGHT DIE ON THE UPCOMING VOLUME 2 #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings

Eddie Munson has a bigger link to One and Eleven than we thought.

It didn’t take us long to fall in love with Eddie Munson. And although we’ve enjoyed getting to hang out with the D&D Dungeonmaster throughout the season, we actually don’t know much about him. While he hasn’t shown any special powers or direct links to the Upside Down, some fans are completely convinced he was one of the kids in the Hawkins Laboratory back in the day with One and Eleven.

theory: 10 is eddie munson #strangerthings

We don’t see a clip 010 died when 001 brutally attack the lab, the fact that he is in the other room with ‘papa’ and Eddie also said “my hair was buzzed” 😭 and makes this theory more reasonable that Eddie is 010 #StrangerThings

stranger things theory (s4 spoiler): when Eddie was younger he has a buzz cut like eleven so what if Eddie was one of the kids in the lab because why else would the duffer brothers make him such a main character

Someone is going to save Nancy by performing a special song.

The show has had its fair share of big musical moments, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if another comes along in part 2. Now that Nancy is stuck under Vecna’s control, the gang will have to spring into action and find her favorite song to break the curse. But what will it be? And how will they do it? Twitter has some interesting ideas.

#StrangerThings SPOILERS

I’m really buying into the theory that he’s playing Nancy’s favorite song in this scene #strangerthingsseason4

#StrangerThings THEORY: Steve saves Nancy from Vecna by singing the song he sang in her garage in ST1, proving that she still loves him!

THEORY! Robin found Nancy’s music tapes while searching her room. So she knows her favorite music. Robin will save Nancy#strangerthingsseason4 #ROBINBUCKLEY #Nancy #StrangerThings4

Will is actually the Mind Flayer.

I know what you’re thinking. Sweet little Will?? But take how connected he is to the world and the fact that it is currently stuck on the day that he disappeared, and it can’t all be a coincidence, right? Well, one person on Reddit really thinks so, and they are super convincing.

Bonus theory: Everyone is fine and everything is good.

As we’ve already seen, anything can happen in the world of Stranger Things. But that won’t stop us from hoping that everyone survives and lives a good life at the end. So if you’re reading this, Duffer Brothers, we’re crossing our fingers that this is how it ends!

stranger things theory: no one dies everyone gets a happy ending and the duffer brothers send us all off with gift baskets for our troubles

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