The Witches star Vincent Marzello dead at 68 – The Sun

THE WITCHES' actor, Vincent Marzello, passed away on Tuesday morning at the age of 68.

His wife, Lorelei King, made the announcement on social media.

The actress took to social media to announce the tragic passing of her husband.

Along with a picture of the two, she wrote: "The love of my life, my darling husband Vincent Marzello, died this morning.

"To those who knew him, I am sorry to post the news rather than contact you personally, but I am overwhelmed.

My heart is broken."

The couple lived in London, where the Brooklyn native seemingly passed away.

His wife talked to Dementia UK and revealed Vincent was not only battling with cancer, but was had dementia.

She talked about how his dementia made his cancer treatments much more difficult because he would forget to "push the button" that would dispense a drip to make his pain bearable and he would forget to take antibiotics that led to a nasty infection.

She told Dementia UK: "Thinking that the person I loved most in the world might be in pain with no way to relieve it, or that he might not be getting essential medication, took a toll on me emotionally; I felt so helpless."

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