The Walking Dead plot hole: Huge error in Negan’s Alpha transformation revealed

Alpha’s (played by Samantha Morton) demise had been on the cards for a while on The Walking Dead and it finally came to fruition thanks to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Working in cahoots with Carol, AMC viewers watched as Negan beheaded the Whisperer’s leader in the hopes of redeeming himself with the residents of Alexandria.


However, in the latest episode of the AMC horror, Negan had been captured by Daryl (Norman Reedus).

Unwilling to believe Negan’s claims he was working with Carol, Daryl gave the former Savior very little leeway and held him captive.

Desperate to win over Daryl, Negan took him to the pike where Carol had placed Alpha’s head, only to find it had vanished after Beta (Ryan Hurst) had retrieved it earlier.

Daryl grew tired of Negan and held his crossbow to his head before the pair were interrupted by a trio of Whisperers.

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Daryl was forced to lower his weapons as the flesh-wearing soldiers tied him up.

However, they didn’t interfere with Negan, instead, taking a knee in front of him.

One the group then told Negan that because he had killed Alpha, he, in turn, became the “new Alpha.”

Negan couldn’t help relish the opportunity to get one over on Daryl with the help of his new followers.

Keeping up the charade, Negan said to one of Alpha’s men: “I’m a bit confused. If I’m the Alpha, why is someone who’s most definitely not the Alpha, holding a bada** shotgun?”

The unnamed follower quickly handed over the weapon to Negan.

Moments later, Negan wielded his newfound power further by making Daryl kneel in front of him as a sign of respect.

Shortly after, Negan showed his true allegiance and shot one of the Whisperers in the head with the newly-acquired shotgun.

Daryl then managed to kick a second Whisperer to the floor while Negan became embroiled in a fistfight with the third.

Negan planted a knife into the head of one of the Whisperers and, inevitably, it was he and Daryl left standing.

So where does the plot hole lie with Negan becoming the ‘new Alpha’?

During her reign of terror, Alpha had no problems executing or sacrificing her own followers in front of the rest of the group.

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Whether it be a knife to the head or sacrificing them to Walkers, Alpha’s methods were never questioned.

So with Negan as the new Alpha, surely there is no way the unnamed Whisperer men would have attacked him.

Even after he had decided to shoot one of the Whisperers, this kind of murderous act had become synonymous with the group’s leader.

Therefore, these Whisperers would never have attacked Negan after branding him as their new Alpha, no matter what he did.

The Walking Dead season 10 continues on Sunday on AMC and Monday on Fox UK.

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