The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 theories: Lawrence to reunite with June in escape twist

The Handmaid’s Tale went to unprecedented lengths at the end of season three, as June (played by Elisabeth Moss) was shot and left to die by one of Gilead’s guards. Although June is the protagonist of the Hulu show, it would not be completely unheard of to lose a main character a few seasons into the show.


Despite this, fans are confident they will see June return in the upcoming season four.

And now, fans of the show have been hard at work in theorising what is going to happen in the returning episodes.

In particular, some fans on Reddit have been suggesting Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) will be arriving to save the day.

Reddit user and The Handmaid’s Tale fan catsPyjamas1 recently posited their theory and explained that Lawrence may have secretly escaped during season three.


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Speaking out on the forum, the fan wrote: “Let’s assume, Canada isn’t too specific about who was on that plane, Gilead probably has to assume, the handmaids were on the plane.

“My theory is, that Lawrence moved himself to a new location, something like a vacation home or some makeshift shelter.”

In the past Commander Lawrence has struggled with his own morality and what he ought to do with his handmaids.

With this in mind, the fan in question believes Commander Lawrence is eager to meet up with June once again after sneaking away in some sort of underground escapade and help her get out of the country.

They continued: “With the plan of reuniting there with June and her posse to go into hiding together.”

With a final thought, the fan added: “Maybe they can pretend to be farm folks or whatever while working on new plans.”

Could June, therefore, find a new way of life with Lawrence when the series returns?

Despite this seemingly good news, fans have also been thinking about June’s daughter, Hannah (Jordana Blake).

In particular, fans believe June will meet up with Nick (Max Minghella) in season four, who could help her reunite her with Hannah.

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Reddit fan JoshCantSwim recently theorised: “I think she and her posse will go into hiding and be protected by Nick.

“If that leak (was that person legit?) is right, we get another Hannah/June reunion early in the season and I bet Nick facilitates it.”

They also wrote a new theory, adding that June may find herself struggling to deal with her situation.

The fan continued: “Another theory I have is that June will begin to lose her s**t because everyone is in Canada but her.


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“They’ll begin to play on her feeling left out, frustrated because everyone in her proximity (husband, Waterfords, Rita, Nicole) are all up there and she’s still trapped – but with access to Hannah.”

June fought diligently to save a large number of children trapped in Gilead last season – so hopefully she will be looking for her own way out in the coming episodes.

But will she be able to get out of the draconian dictatorship alongside her daughter unharmed?

The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 will return later this year.

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