Spoilers: Todd's dramatic return storyline in Corrie is revealed

It was confirmed a few months ago that Eileen Grimshaw’s (Sue Cleaver) troubled son Todd (Gareth Pierce) would be making a return Coronation Street – 3 years after his departure. While viewers have been following the very start of Todd’s storyline where Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) continues searching for him, we are yet to see just what will bring Todd back to the cobbles – until now.

As Eileen returns home from her trip to Thailand, Billy and Sean (Antony Cotton) explain to her how they hired a PI who found out Todd and his friend Safia (Sofiya Limalia) ripped off a local gangster and now Todd has gone to ground, leaving Eileen vowing to find her son.

As Eileen worries she’ll never see Todd again, Sean returns home to find an intruder. As the intruder flees, Sean is unaware it was Todd.

When Eileen investigate signs of an intruder, she finds a note stuffed under the back door.


Eileen reads the note from Todd asking her to meet him at an old warehouse. When Craig (Colson Smith) calls at No.11 and tells Eileen that a body has been found matching Todd’s description and they’d like her to identify it, Eileen keeps her counsel, knowing Todd is alive.

When Eileen finally meets with Todd, he tells her he’s in danger. Sean tries to get hold of Eileen having been warned by Lenny the PI, but as a menacing bloke steps out of the shadows, has Todd gotten himself and his mum into trouble he can’t fix?

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