'Sister Wives': Fans Think Kody and Meri Brown Have Basically Admitted They Stay Together for the Show

KodyBrown’s relationships are not going well. In fact, the Brown familypatriarch seems to be battling with all four of his wives on some level. Hisworst relationship, however, is with his first wife, Meri Brown, by a wide margin.The duo never recovered from Meri’s2015 catfishing scandal, and fans have long surmised that Meri is only partof the family for the health of their reality TV show, Sister Wives. Ina recent episode, Meri and Kody confirmed that they spend almost no timetogether. Fans now think they have admitted that Meri is only a family memberwhen the cameras are rolling.

Kody and Meri have only dined together twice in 18 months

Kody and Meri’s relationship is in shambles. That’s nothing new. The fact that the duo is willing to admit that it is unlikely to get better is unique, though. The pair, on a recent episode, have acknowledged that they weren’t seeking the counsel of a therapist for more than a year. It was also revealed that in that time, their relationship had gone from bad to nonexistent.

It appears as though the duo are sharing absolutely nothingwith each other, not even dinner. That has left fans wondering exactly why Meriis still allowing herself to be dragged along in the family’s often-hastyplans. Meri, in theory, could have walked away from the family when theydecided to move to Flagstaff, nearly two years ago.

Meri vacations alone often

Meri may have decided to move with the family, but thatdoesn’t mean she’s committed to making it work. In fact, Meri has been livingher very best life alone, at least based on her Instagram posts. The mother ofone has nothing tying her to Flagstaff,Arizona, and she’s made it abundantly clear that the family’s new home baseis the last place she wants to be. She has been spending most of her timeoutside of Arizona.

In the last several months, Meri has checked in fromChicago, Las Vegas, Utah, and California. Fans, however, have noticed that herfamily, including her sister wives, rarely appear to be a part of her trips. Familyfollowers believe there is a good reason for the trips. Many believe that Meriis only a part of the family for filming purposes, and when the cameras turnoff, she takes off to whatever location best suits her. Aformer family friend suggested that Meri only joined the family for filmingyears ago. If that’s the case, she might actually be selling herself short.

Fans would happily watch a show about Meri leaving

While it’s theorized that the Brown family is putting up aunited front for the health of their reality TV show, fans think they may bedoing themselves a disservice. At the very least, they believe Meri is doing herselfa disservice. Redditfollowers note that they’d excitedly watch a series that followed Meri asshe untangled herself from her troubled family life.

While she is far from the show’s favorite wife, manyfollowers believe that Meri would be far happier away from Kody and her sisterwives, Robyn Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown. It’s clear that Meriappears to be an unwelcomed guest rather than a member of the family, and it’spretty obvious that thesister wives are not and never have been friends, regardless of what theyclaim.

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