Simon Cowell covers eyes as Americas Got Talent act suspends neck on sword ‘Horror movie

America's Got Talent: Testa performs stunning knife act

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Fakir Testa, better known as Danger Act Testa, was met with screams from the audience when he pushed his body to the limits on Tuesday night’s edition of America’s Got Talent on NBC. Long-running judge Simon Cowell couldn’t help looking away during the risky performance while his fellow panellists watched on in horror.

Judge and producer Simon had to cover his eyes with his arms as Testa shocked audiences by holding his head up with a razor-sharp sword.

Simon was joined by judges Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel and host Terry Crews for the fourth week of round one auditions this week.

While there have already been some impressive acts so far, nothing could have prepared the panellists for Tuesday’s squirm-inducing endurance test.

Testa introduced his act by warning the audience: “I explore the limits of my body. My passion is my life.”

After demonstrating the sharpness of the blades by easily cutting through pieces of paper, Testa as his assistant proceeded to stack the swords into a set of steps.

Terry and the judges were initially shocked when the performer started by burning the bottom of his feet over an open flame.

He took his dangerous act one step further by walking up the knives with his bare feet and without any support, much to the horror of the show’s panellists and audience.

Presenter Terry winced and yelled into the camera: “I can’t even think about this!”

However, it was Testa’s show-stopping conclusion which clearly provided the biggest shock of the night.

The stuntman was handed one final sword, which he proved was equally sharp, while he took his place in a tall metal frame.

Simon and the judges watched aghast as Testa fitted the sword directly below his neck.

Sofia exclaimed “I don’t want to see this!” as she and Simon both looked away from the stage.

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Testa finished his performance by resting his head on the sword, and, clearly in no small amount of pain, took his feet away from the steps and lifted his hands off of the frame.

The America’s Got Talent judges all squirmed in their chairs as the performer was suspended in the air using nothing but the sharpened edge of a blade for support.

Once the act was done, Howie thanked Testa for a “crazy” performance as the judges and audience all stood up and cheered.

Simon was left paralysed in his seat as he couldn’t help but stare agog at the impressive performer.

After the judges gave their verdicts, Simon said: “It was like watching The Omen at lunchtime. Real family entertainment!”

Even after wowing the panellists with two death-defying stunts, Testa assured them there was “much more to come” before being voted through to the next round.

Simon later confided to his 1.8 million Instagram followers: “This was like watching a horror movie.”

America’s Got Talent continues Tuesday in the USA on NBC. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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