Real Housewives alum Mary Zilba tests positive for coronavirus days after Andy Cohen’s diagnosis with disease – The Sun

Real Housewives alum Mary Zilba tested positive for coronavirus days after Andy Cohen's diagnosis with the disease.

Mary tweeted about her experience with the virus and said she had none of the normal symptoms.

Mary tweeted about her last "brutal 6 weeks away," which including getting sick and her mother dying.

The former Real Housewives of Vancouver star detailed: "Before being tested positive for #COVID19 I was turned away 3 times for testing saying I didn’t fit the profile.

"I then went to hospital anyway due to the unbearable migraines which they treated with IV meds that didn’t work well and swabbed me for 14 other viruses…

Mary detailed contracting Covid-19 while in Ohio, possibly at her mother's funeral.

She's since returned home after staying in isolation for over 10 days, testing negative and being cleared by the CDC.

Mary added the Ohio Health Department would not list her as a statistic of Ohio because she lives in Canada.

The former housewife added she had none of the normal symptoms of the disease.

Mary tweeted: "Just please be aware that there is NOT a constrictive list of symptoms."

She said everyone's symptoms could be different.

Two of Mary's sons also had the virus and their symptoms were completely different than her own.

She added: "MIGRAINE IS a SYMPTOM! Please be aware of your body , they still don’t know enough!"


Bravo executive Andy Cohen announced last week he tested positive for coronavirus.

Before he got sick, Andy had been planning on hosting Watch What Happens Live from his home.

Since then those plans have been put on hold to allow for Andy's recovery.

Real Housewives of Vancouver aired on Canadian television in 2012 and 2013.

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