Piers Morgan’s savage take on GMB co-host Susanna Reid: ‘It’s bordering on child abuse’

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Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid have been fronting ‘Good Morning Britain’ for five years. The ITV hosts have shared their fair share of laughter, tears and unforgettably, very heated arguments. This week, the show was reported to have had 312 complaints to TV regulator Ofcom in just four days. This will come as little surprise to some viewers who relish the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge’s infamous rants and salacious snipes. During one infamous moment, Piers’ choice of words came under fire when he lambasted Susanna for the way she presented herself and allowed her children to dress in public.

The presenters were debating whether parents should drop their children off at the school gates in pyjamas when Piers’ rant erupted on TV screens.

Their discussion followed a poll about the issue, dubbed “pyjamageddon”, which revealed that 64 percent of the British public thought it was wrong. 

Susanna defended her decision to don nightwear for the school run and asked Piers: “Do you think I don’t have standards?” 

Her counterpart quickly fired back that while she “always looked immaculate” to him, he was horrified by her confession. 

Piers said: “You regularly go out to schools, to workplaces, to shops dressed in your pyjamas. You don’t brush your teeth?”

Susanna responded “sometimes” before the second round of verbal onslaught began.

He continued: “Maybe not even brush your hair by the sounds of it.”

She interjected: “Yeah that’s true, sometimes I don’t.”

Piers vented: “So you’re going out just one removed from a vagrant into the streets, I think you’ve got three kids and you should set a better example.” 

Susanna was speechless as she stared helplessly at the TV cameras in an apparent moment of disbelief.

He went on: “If your kids got up in the morning and went, ‘I’m wearing my pyjamas mom, I’m not brushing my teeth…’”

To which, she interjected: “They do, regularly.”

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Piers, who briefly appeared lost for words, concluded: “Wow, well this is bordering on child abuse.”

Susanna tried to deflect the comments by bringing in their studio guest and added: “Well that’s a serious allegation.” 

Later on Twitter, a number of viewers backed Piers’ statements including ‘Supernanny’ star Jo Frost.

She tweeted: “Piers, I would have to agree with you. I would like to see parents setting an example of starting the day properly.”

Piers commented: “There’s a hygiene issue – they stink.”

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