Peter Andre shares rare photos of Amelia and Theo as they do handstands and eat from bowl after making a chocolate cake – The Sun

PETER Andre shared rare photos of Amelia and Theo as they do handstands and eat from the bowl after making a chocolate cake.

The Mysterious Girl singer has been entertaining his four children while in self-isolation as wife Emily MacDonagh works on the front line for the NHS.

He needed to recruit Emily via video call to help Amelia, six, with her maths homework.

Then later on his son Theo, three, was watching a TV programme in Hindi – and didn't want it to change.

Eldest daughter Princess, 12, started making a cake with Amelia, but midway through Theo got upset with a big sheet resting his on head.

Pete captioned the video: "Things are starting to get weird".

As Princess poured the mixture into the cake tins, Peter gave some encouraging words, saying: "That looks really good. I think that's going to be excellent. It looks a bit like diarrhoea but…"

"Nice dad," Princess said back.

Once the finished product was done, Princess gave her youngest brother the bowl of cake mixture to eat out of.

This is all happening while his doctor wife is treating coronavirus patients in the hospital.

Emily, who married Peter in July 2015, recently voiced her fears she will spread coronavirus to her children.

The doctor expressed her worries she could potentially bring the killer virus back into her home, where she lives with Peter, their two children and Peter's two kids from his first marriage with Katie Price.

However, the A&E hero laid out the precautionary measures she has been taking to minimise the risk, which include changing out of her clothes straight away before having a shower and washing her hands.

Emily insisted she was being "sensible" and following the NHS guidelines about coronavirus.

Also, the mum admitted she wasn't going "too near" her children Amelia and Theodore where possible.

And while she's hard at work in a hospital, Peter has become a full-time stay-at-home dad.

After a rocky start, it seems he's got into the swing of things as taken on the new role of teacher, cook and fitness instructor.

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