NCIS LA star’s major change she wants to make to Kensi

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Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) has become one of the most beloved elements of the wildly successful NCIS franchise, having spent well over a decade on the NCIS: Los Angeles task force. Opening up about her high-profile TV role, the CBS star admitted there is still room for improvement as she teased some major developments for Kensi’s unstable family life in the upcoming seasons.

Daniela has revealed her hopes for Kensi to improve her relationship with her mother in the coming seasons of NCIS: LA.

Julia Feldman (Laura Harring) was first introduced in the third season of the hit spin-off and has since made sporadic appearances over the years.

She made several guest appearances throughout the eighth season but was last seen in just a single episode towards the end of season 10.

“I think I would change the relationship with her mom,” Daniela confirmed when asked what would be the one thing she would change about Kensi.

“I would attempt to make it a more healthy relationship. It started off rocky for her when she was a kid.”

Like many NCIS agents in the franchise, Kensi has a rather dark backstory that has been slowly revealed to fans over the years.

“Kensi’s story is, like, her father was murdered and she ran away from home and lived on the streets for a while,” she explained.

“She gained this fierce independence and she’s self-reliable and all that stuff.”

Unfortunately, her independence has meant she rarely makes time for her mother, from whom she is still somewhat estranged.

On the Wayne Ayers Podcast, Daniela continued: “But the relationship with the mum was kind of rocky.

“At some point, she comes home and decides to try and get closer to her mum.”

She went on to suggest her mother-in-law, Roberta Deeks (Pamela Reed) could be a shining example to Kensi if she continues to visit her son, Marty (Eric Christian Olsen), more in the new seasons.

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“They’re okay, but I think I would like to explore, maybe, really creating a healthy relationship,” Daniela added.

“It’s really fun having Deeks’ mum on the show, and I adore her. I think Kensi has started welcoming her in, and she loves when she is there.

“She’s very helpful, a sort of advising mum. I’d love Kensi’s mum to also have that with Kensi.”

Deeks’ mother Pamela has become a regular fixture on the series, having now appeared in 13 episodes over the past five seasons.

She has already made two appearances in season 14 as the latest outing has started exploring the agents’ personal lives much further.

Perhaps Kensi’s mother can take a leaf out of Roberta’s book and start making more visits now Kensi and Deeks have started looking after their adopted daughter Rosa (Natalia Del Riego).

Guest star Laura is still working as an actress and was last seen in this year’s rom-com Father of the Bride, so there’s certainly a chance for Kensi and Julia to make amends.

NCIS: Los Angeles season 14 continues Mondays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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