My Mum, Your Dad stars Roger and Janey hailed beautiful couple on first holiday

Roger and Janey, the heartwarming couple from My Mum, Your Dad, have become the epitome of love and happiness as they embark on their first holiday together.

The pair, who found each other on the dating show hosted by Davina McCall, were nominated by their children Jess and William in a heartwarming attempt to rekindle love in their lives, and are still going strong six months later.

Currently reveling in the joys of their undisclosed holiday location, Roger took to social media to share a delightful snapshot of the duo. Donning matching aviator sunglasses against a backdrop of serene blue skies, they radiated pure bliss, holding their drinks and flashing heartwarming smiles.

Roger captioned the pic: "Don’t know what the Boomtown Rats were on about!"

Fans couldn't help but shower the couple with adoration in the comments section. One wrote: "I hope I can find what you two have found."

Another commented: "You make a beautiful couple xx."

A third added: "I can't even begin to tell you how much joy I get from seeing you two so happy together. As am almost 40 year old singleton it gives me a little hope. And I just loved you both on the show and so wanted you to get your happy ever after. Lots of love to you both and your gorgeous kids!."

A fourth also chimed in: "Have a cracking break from the madness and mayhem that’s surrounded you for the last few months. Hopefully a holiday or maybe it’s a little travel blog for your This Morning slot. Either way.. cheers."

The heartwarming holiday update follows the exciting news that Roger and Janey will be sharing their adventures through travelogues on ITV's This Morning. The announcement was made earlier this month on the show with Dermot revealing the duo's upcoming contribution to the program.

Dermot shared the news, stating: "You're going to be doing some little travelogues for us," as Janey excitedly confirmed the venture. She shared: "We have met each other, and without sounding sad, we do want to be together! There will be lots of holidays. At the moment, we are at each other's houses, and we've not been apart for a very long time!"

The revelation was met with warm wishes from the hosts, welcoming Roger and Janey as part of the This Morning family. As the couple continues their journey, splitting travel equally between them and cherishing each moment together, their love story becomes an inspiration for viewers and romantics alike.

Janey, who lives in West Sussex, and Roger, who lives in Derbyshire, travel over 200 miles to see each other. Janey revealed they've been doing "miles and smiles" to see each other and while she's been to Derbyshire 'loads' to see her handsome beau, Roger added that at first, he did most of the travelling.

But now, the travelling is split 50:50 between them and they mostly travel together now.

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