Megan Thee Stallion says she ‘pissed’ herself after mechanical gorilla on Punk’d tried to break into her car – The Sun

New streaming service Quibi launched on Monday, and it kicked things off with new episodes of Punk’d, hosted by Chance the Rapper.

Megan Thee Stallion was the first celebrity pranked on the rebooted series, and the episode involved the 25-year-old “pissing” herself and a crazy-but-fake gorilla wreaking havoc.

It all started when someone, aka Chance, took Megan’s son, aka her dog 4oe.

She had to head to some abandoned location at night with her friends and driver to get her dog, which has over 290,000 Instagram followers, but when they parked the car, they saw a huge gorilla in a cage.

The angry animal was banging on the metal, which had a “caution” sign on it, so Meg sent her friend EJ, who was in on the prank, to go get 4oe.

As he was returning with her pug, the gorilla let itself out of the cage and started growling and chasing after him.

He ran away, past the car, leaving the animal to start banging on the vehicle and coming for Hot Girl Meg, who was screaming and freaking out and recording every moment of it on her phone.

She had no clue her friend EJ and her driver were in on it, or that the live beast was actually a mechanical gorilla being directed by a controller.

Eventually, Chance the Rapper, 26, came on out to tell her she was being Punk’d, and the Hot Girl Summer rapper was not the slightest bit happy about being fooled and everyone laughing at her.

Begrudgingly, she took the mic from the Quibi host and said: “Oh my God, I’m Megan Thee Stallion, and I just pissed myself.”

Chance tried to hug her and calm her down, but she was punked and pissed and pushed him and everyone else away, yelling at them all for pranking her like that.

Punk’d originally aired on MTV from 2003 to 2007 and in 2012, with Ashton Kutcher hosting the show.

A short-lived revival aired on BET in 2015.

Episodes 1 through 5 of Quibi’s rebooted Punk’d are now available to stream.

New episodes will be released daily on the app, with 19 total episodes airing this season.

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