Love Island Games pairings could be written in the stars, says top astrology expert

A new version of Love Island has recently burst onto our screens – Love Island Games, bringing with it lots of drama and craziness.

In the show, previous contestants from other series around the world are given a chance to redeem themselves and try to emerge as the winners.

Some surprising moments have occurred so far and it remains to be seen what else might happen as the series continues to unfold.

Speaking to, astrological expert Tamar Hela gave her predictions for the new love matches in the series and if she thinks they are written in the stars or should be with someone else……

Although Jack is not paired with Tina at the moment, Tamar thinks that they would make a great match. She says: “Practical Capricorn and grounded Taurus would appreciate each other's realistic perspectives on life and relationships.

“Both seek stability and are willing to work hard together towards shared goals. Jack would provide the structure and ambition that would allow Tina to feel secure. Tina's patient, devoted nature would earn Jack's trust. They'd have an understanding partnership focused on building a comfortable home and life together."

Tina won Love Island Australia with Mitch Hibberd and has been in the same house with him for Love Island Games… not awkward at all!

Toby and Jessica are currently paired with different people but Tamar thinks they would be good together as they have "intense" astrological compatibility.

She says: “Intuitive Pisces and intense Scorpio connect on a profoundly emotional level. Jessica's magnetic, passionate nature would draw in romantic Toby.

"Jessica would find comfort in Toby's compassion and imagination. They can help balance each other's vulnerabilities and insecurities, providing reassurance when needed.

"Yet both are sensitive, so this relationship requires much honesty and open communication to thrive. Maintaining that won't always be easy."

Ray is currently with Imani Wheeler but Tamar thinks he would be better with Aurelia. She says: “A responsible Capricorn and a steady Taurus make an excellent match, valuing dedication, security, and stability above all else.

"Practical Aurelia appreciates Ray's down-to-earth nature, while patient Ray admires Aurelia's ambition and work ethic. They'd build a comfortable life together through mutual effort and planning.

“However, this couple must be careful not to become overly rigid or caught up solely in material success. Making time for romance and emotional intimacy is critical. Setting aside regular date nights, weekend getaways, and new shared activities will nurture their bond."

Even though Megan is very loved-up with Kyra Green at the moment, Tamar thinks she and Mitch could make a good couple.

Tamar says: “Dreamy Pisces and charming Libra fit well together, both appreciating beauty and sharing a romantic view of love. Megan would be drawn to Mitch's social grace and pursuit of harmony.

“Mitch would admire Megan's compassion and empathy. They can help balance each other's vulnerabilities—Pisces' emotional extremes and Libra's indecisiveness.

“However, this couple may struggle with messiness versus tidiness, as well as confrontations; clear communication of needs is essential.

“Because both avoid conflict, they must actively listen, extend empathy, and be willing to have difficult discussions. Establishing shared household responsibilities and being understanding of differences can help.”

Tamar thinks Kyra and Callum could be written in the stars even though they are coupled up with different people.

She says: “Imaginative Pisces and bold Aries make for an intriguing pairing. Kyra's free-spirited nature would appeal to adventurous Callum. Callum's go-getting attitude would help encourage dreamy Kyra out of her shell.

"They can balance each other out, with Aries bringing more direction as Pisces lends an emotional depth. However, Pisces’ sensitivity and Aries's impatience could lead to hurt feelings unless they communicate openly and thoughtfully.

"Aries will need to be conscious of their intensity and take time to listen to Kyra's needs. Kyra must express their feelings directly rather than expecting Callum to intuit them. Fostering understanding and empathy will enable this duo to achieve harmony.”

Scott's been on the tenth series of Love Island UK and the fifth series of Love Island USA and has yet to find true love – but Tamar thinks Scott and Deb could be a match made in heaven.

“Both appreciate loyalty, stability, and sharing traditional relationship values. As a Capricorn, Scott admires Taurus' steadiness and commitment, while Deb finds comfort in Scott's ambition and strong sense of duty.

“They'd build a secure life together through mutual effort. However, this pair must guard against becoming too rigid or stuck in their ways. Making time for intimacy and fun will keep the spark alive," she said.

Tamar says that vivacious Gemini Zeta would connect well with Leo because both like fun, games and socialising.
She adds: “As the life of any party, Zeta appreciates Carrington's warmth and enthusiasm. Carrington admires Zeta's quick wit and ability to bring fun to any situation. Their relationship would be filled with lively banter, laughter, and constant adventuring to new and exciting activities together.

“However, maintaining intimacy may prove challenging for this playful duo, who is prone to becoming easily distracted or bored without extra stimulation. Committing regular weekly date nights, even if cozying up for a movie marathon at home, ensures undivided attention."

Tamar thinks that Cely would be a good match for Mike because she's an outgoing Gemini. She says: “As a conversationalist, Cely stimulates Mike with fresh perspectives. Mike brings levity that helps Cely feel relaxed being herself. They create an upbeat, fun environment together, constantly exploring lively activities.

“However, neither naturally prioritise deep intimacy, so quality bonding moments require dedicated effort. Plans for biweekly date nights out, dinner, and dancing ensure valuable one-on-one connection. Designating mornings on weekends just for cuddling in bed and talking openly prevents taking each other for granted.

“This lively duo remaining self-aware could transform fleeting sparks into caring partnerships weathering challenges with empathy, understanding, and teamwork."

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