Love is Blind fans are eager to know when the season 5 finale will be out

Matt and Emma Willis announced as Love Is Blind: UK hosts

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Love is Blind. 

Love is Blind has been gripping Netflix subscribers for the past few weeks and the end is now in sight.

The hit reality show sees a group of singletons date strangers in the Pods, getting to know one another without ever laying eyes on them.

If they feel they’ve met their match, a proposal is made and it is only at this point that couples meet face-to-face for the first time.

As always, there have been some initial successes, downright disasters and drama galore as the fifth season has gone on.

Now, there is just one more episode left to enjoy which will reveal exactly who does and doesn’t end up tying the knot.

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When does the Love is Blind season 5 finale come out? 

Love is Blind season five made its big debut on Friday, September 22, on Netflix.

Subscribers were treated to the first four episodes of the dramatic dating series, and had to wait the following week, September 29, for the next three.

On Friday, October 6, two more were dropped onto the streaming service with one final instalment left to come out.

Going by the same pattern, the Love is Blind season five finale will be available to watch from Friday, October 13, on Netflix.

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Exactly when the highly anticipated episode is going to come out does depend on your geographical location.

The instalment will be out at the same moment but due to the various time zones, the exact time will differ.

So episode 10 is going to be out just after midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time) and 3am EST (Eastern Standard Time) for those in the US.

Whereas UK fans are going to have access to the finale from 8am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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As of yet, Netflix hasn’t announced if there will be a Love is Blind season five reunion or After the Altar episodes.

The series four reunion had various technical glitches so it may be unlikely that Love is Blind will have another live special.

And if there is to be After the Altar episodes, these are shot months after so may not be ready to watch until early 2024, if it does go ahead.

Love is Blind is available to watch on Netflix.

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