Larry David PSA Wants Public To Curb Their Enthusiasm For Leaving Home

Larry David, the Curb Your Enthusiasm star and Seinfeld co-creator, wants you to stay home and watch TV.

David offered a public service announcement on Tuesday railing against the “idiots” who aren’t following social distancing guidelines.

“Obviously, somebody put me up to this ’cause it’s generally not the kind of thing I do, but I basically want to address the idiots out there — and you know who you are,” David said in a video shared by the Office of the Governor of California. “You’re going out — I don’t know what you’re doing. You’re socializing too close, it’s not good.”

“You’re hurting old people like me — well, not me. I have nothing to do with you. I’ll never see you. But, you know, other — let’s say, other old people who might be your relatives! Who the hell knows.”

David went on to say that those who venture forth are “passing up” on a “fantastic opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to “sit on the couch, and watch TV. I don’t know how you’re passing that up!” David said. “Well… maybe…’cause you’re not that bright. But here it is: go home! Watch TV! That’s my advice to you.

He concluded that those who have seen his show should know “nothing good ever happens going out of the house,” adding “it’s just trouble out there” and that it’s “not a good place to be.”

“So stay home and, you know, don’t see anyone except maybe if there’s a plumbing emergency, let the plumber in and then, you know, wipe everything down after he leaves… but that’s it. OK,” David concluded.

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