Kim Kardashian helps free convicted killer Momolu Stewart in Justice Project documentary – The Sun

KIM Kardashian helped to free convicted killer Momolu Stewart in her Justice Project documentary, which aired on Sunday.

The 39-year-old reality star supported Momolu – who he fatally shot a man in 1997 – in a letter urging for his release after 23 years in jail.

The Oxygen documentary showed Momolu – who was released in October 2019 – being freed on parole thanks to Kim's support.

He attended Kanye West's Sunday Service after being released and joyfully told the crowd: "I've been out of prison now for four and a half days."

Momolu was 16 when he was imprisoned for life after being convicted of first-degree premeditated murder for shooting Mark Rosebure, 23, on New Year's Day 1997.

He admitted in a letter to Kim that he was guilty of the crime, and went on to say that he'd since become a prison mentor and wanted to repent by saving other people's lives.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star met Momolu in a face to face meeting in prison, during which he told her part of his spirit died when he shot Mark.

The former inmate then opened up about his traumatic childhood.

Momolu said his drunk father would beat his mother and that he was six when she and her boyfriend murdered his father.

Momolu then moved in with his aunt and her husband, who took crack cocaine and physically abused him.

He ran away aged 14 to stay with friends and soon began selling drugs with them.

He and a friend clashed with a drug dealer who had threatened them and killed him in a shootout. They both received life sentences aged 16 and 17.

Kim met with Momolu in July last year and campaigned for his release.

In a letter, she wrote: "While incarcerated Momolu, in an attempt to somehow turn his life around, even though the rest of his natural life would seemingly be spent in prison took classes, including Dr. Howard’s Georgetown Prisoner’s Scholars program."

She went on: "He helped set up programs to help other prisoners. He took every opportunity to re-imagine his life while staying completely out of trouble."

She referenced his mother's murder of his father when he was a young child and that he "turned to the streets for guidance".

Fans tuning in to watch the mom-of-four's justice reform show praised her work.

One viewer tweeted: "I admire how you are helping people who are incarcerated and sharing their stories. You inspire me as I'm finishing my degree in Criminal Justice."

Another one thanked her for "sharing this part part of [her] life with all of us." She also said: "Your heart is so pure and so warm hearted. I'm proud of everything you have accomplished!"

Another user posted: "Lives and families are being restored."

Kim revealed she was working on the series back in January.

The Skims founder was an instrumental part of the team that worked to free former inmate Alice Johnson from her life sentence she received for a 1993 first-time, nonviolent drug offense.

She previously took her issue with the case and others like it to the White House in May 2018 and met with President Donald Trump.

Kim is currently working on freeing convicted murderer Kevin Keith and also campaigned for the release of rapper A$AP Rocky, who had been imprisoned in Sweden after a street fight.

She's also studying to be a lawyer and is in the midst of a four-year apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm, with plans to take the California Bar exam in 2022.

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