How Much Are 'South Park' Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker Worth?

South Park continues being the emblem of free expression in adult animation, with no end in sight due to Comedy Central never condemning the controversial jokes. That’s not always a common thing on TV, but it’s all due to creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker setting a new precedent for what a show can get away with on television.

Thanks to a loyal audience, the show continues into a 23rd season and no end in sight. Stone and Parker also continue to profit in ways nobody could have comprehended when the show began.

Ironically, they didn’t make the majority of their money until the digital era started. This was only due to a particular provision in their initial contract set up to look toward the future.

A look at the net worth of Matt Stone

In 1997, even Matt Stone probably wouldn’t have believed how much money he’d make being the co-creator of South Park. For its first couple of years, it was only receiving a niche audience on Comedy Central, along with increasing controversy. This didn’t stop him and Parker from being as daring as they could possibly be without being fired.

Stone and Parker worked their way up and waded through numerous incidents where the show came close to the edge. Through its first decade, mounting criticisms for its stark satire on world and domestic news/pop culture made network execs sweat. Nothing like it had been seen before, despite setting precedents every time they’d get away with something.

Comedy Central started giving a hands-off approach to the show after a while since the more controversy it received, the more people watched. Merchandise was also starting to sell well through the 2000s, leading Stone and Parker to broker a new network deal in 2007.

Stone has also done some things on his own along the way, including acting in BASEketball and voice work in the classic Team America: World Police.

A look at the net worth of Trey Parker

The above 2007 deal Parker and Stone brokered is considered one of the most lucrative deals in entertainment history. Their provision was that they’d receive 50% of any profits South Park would accrue outside the confines of Comedy Central.

When this deal was made, the world wide web was still developing to what it is today. YouTube was only a couple of years old, but would eventually become the hub of lucrative videos for TV shows. Having a 50% ad revenue contract on streaming of episodes eventually made Parker/Stone impossibly wealthy.

During the 2010s, they were making $25-$30 million each. Then, they sold streaming rights to Hulu for $198 million, not including a streaming rights sellout at $500 million.

These two could have easily done well enough with just South Park, something they still have control over. Little did anyone know their vicious stage musical satire on Mormonism would also become one of the most successful Broadway shows ever.

How much money have Matt Stone and Trey Parker made on ‘Book of Mormon’?

In total, Matt Stone reportedly has a net worth of $700 million, and Parker $600 million. Since they split profits on South Park, it’s one reason they’re fairly similar in their worth, other than Stone having slightly more due to some acting credits.

Their increased worth is due to success with movies like South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, not including moving to Broadway with Book of Mormon. To date, this initially controversial musical has made a stunning $659,604,381 from productions on Broadway and national tours. Now it’s considered a classic musical for…yes, families.

For two guys who just made what was first deemed adolescent level cartoons, it’s kind of incredible at where they are. In reality, South Park digs deep into the pop culture psyche and pushes every button like the best satire always has.

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