How Eiza Gonzalez Is Supporting Small Businesses During Pandemic: 'It's Important to Help'

Eiza Gonzalez is doing her part to help promote small business and keep engaged with her fans as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The actress’ press tour for her latest movie Bloodshot got cut short due to the social distancing efforts taking place across the country, which means she wasn’t able to personally interact with as many fans as she was hoping.

Now with the movie out on digital, and with everyone mostly home, Gonzalez has taken to social media to stay in contact with her fans — both in the U.S. and in her native Mexico.

“I want to be mindful, a lot of people are going through a lot of things,” Gonzalez, 30, says of her social media usage during this time. “So I just want to make sure that it doesn’t come across insensitive or anything. I do take the situation truly very seriously, but I make sure to stay connected.”

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One thing Gonzalez has been using her platform for is bringing awareness to local businesses that might need more help during this time. Local businesses have been hit hard by the social distancing measures put in place, as they rely on day-to-day customers to keep them running. Gonzalez hopes to amplify their reach.

“I DM with my fans actively, and I’ve been asking people to DM me or send me any type of local businesses to retweet and make sure that other people are able to see,” Gonzalez explains. “Not even just my fans but all kinds of people and businesses, and being aware that it’s important to help the locals right now as much as we possibly can. That’s kind of what I like to use my social media for — to create awareness.”

She continues, “I do charity 365 days a year. It’s not just in crises, for me. And I do think that’s the power we have as public people. It’s speaking up and using our voice for the best and for the better.”

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Though the actress is spending the social distancing period with her mom, who got “stranded” with her after attending the premiere of Bloodshot together, she remains connected with her home country and is afraid of how the pandemic will affect them.

“I still have my whole family in Mexico City,” she says. “I’m really concerned about them and my country. I go through days where I’m feeling really excited and positive and I feel very proactive to days where I completely melt down and cry because I am scared. I’m not scared for me, honestly. I’m scared for humanity and my people, and how my country’s going to be able to go through this with our infrastructure. I really get concerned about those things. But the only thing that you can do at the time is not freeze and take action.”

Bloodshot, co-starring Vin Diesel, is now available for purchase on digital.

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