Drew Barrymore Hilariously Tries Stella McCartney's Staircase Challenge: 'I Will Try Anything'

Drew Barrymore is always up for a good challenge!

The actress and Flower Beauty founder, 45, shared a video of herself trying out designer Stella McCartney‘s staircase challenge on Instagram on Thursday.

Wrapping herself in a colorful shag run, Barrymore hilariously attempted to slide down her staircase in much the same way that McCartney, 48, did in her own video.

“@stellamccartney for you, I will try anything… #StellaStaircase challenge! @jimmyfallon I nominate you to try next!
#StellaCommUnity #Stellavision,” Barrymore wrote in the caption.

But as Barrymore began the process she found she couldn’t quite get a smooth slide down the stairs.

“This isn’t going well,” she said. “I don’t think this is the way it’s supposed to look. Why do you always look so cool?”

As she slid a bit farther down, Barrymore’s face peeked out from her rug as she said, “I hope this satisfies.”

Barrymore challenged her good friend Jimmy Fallon to post his own video.

The actress has been busy at home as she’s quarantined in her California home. Barrymore has begun to frequently share Instagram videos of her beauty discoveries.

Earlier this month, Barrymore took a moment to check in with her followers following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I can’t sleep. I’m puffy; I’m swollen; I’m confused; I’m stressed; I’m nervous; I’m watching the news,” she said on Instagram. “I’m reminded of all the craziness, and I think I would be embarrassed not to acknowledge how everyone is feeling right now.”

She continued, “I don’t look like a beauty junkie representative, I probably look like every other person who really doesn’t know how to put one foot in front of the other right now, but we must.“

“Sometimes it’s as simple as that because when it gets so overwhelming even something like that seems impossible,” Barrymore said. “I think the only thing I can say right now is that I will continue to do some videos. I think we all might be spending some time at home so we should keep going.”

She added, “Life is different and I have to embrace a new normal and that new normal is something I’m trying to figure out. That too takes time. But eventually, we need community, we need our coworkers or our friends.”

“I have also experienced a tremendous amount of joy and gratitude… I appreciate the little things. It has placed me in a state of being present and… aware and extremely humbled by just simply the gift of the day.”

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