Christopher McQuarrie on Possibly Directing Mission: Impossible Movie: Theres Always a Plan

While acknowledging that ‘plan always changes,’ the director who is currently filming ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two’ maintains his positive attitude.

AceShowbizChristopher McQuarrie hints at directing another “Mission: Impossible” movie. The 54-year-old filmmaker is helming “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two“, and Christopher has suggested that he could return to helm another movie in the money-spinning franchise.

“Look, we’re still shooting eight and there’s any number of ways that that story could play out,” Christopher told Entertainment Weekly when asked about the possibility of reuniting with Tom Cruise to shoot another “Mission: Impossible” film.

“When you’re watching ‘Mission: Impossible’, and watching the team go through these adventures, you’re having some sense of what it’s like to make a ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie. There’s always a plan, the plan always changes, everything goes completely awry, and hopefully everything always turns out alright in the end. But you never really fully understand, or trust where it is you’re going, until you get there.”

Meanwhile, Christopher has confirmed that Hayley Atwell has a prominent role in the new movie. However, the director doesn’t want to reveal too much about her part in the film. He said, “The less I tell you about Hayley Atwell, the better.”

“Hayley represents a stranger in a strange land – she’s somebody who does not come from this world, she’s not a spy, she’s not an agent. If anything, she’s an agent of chaos, and is something of a random element that’s thrown into this story.”

Christopher has also teased Esai Morales‘ part in the film. He shared, “I can tell you that he’s definitely the antagonist in our story, or rather he is one of the antagonists in our story. He’s something of an enigma. You discover more about him over the course of the two movies. There’s definitely more to him than meets the eye and he’s something of a ghost of the past.”

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