Christine Lampard to replace Lorraine as she returns to work after having baby

Christine Lampard will be returning to work just five months after giving birth to her son.

The TV star will host the breakfast show Lorraine this summer, The Mirror has reported.

She will take over the Scottish presenter's spot for four weeks.

Christine begins on the show tomorrow where she will announce the news in an interview with Lorraine Kelly.

Frank Lampard, her husband and former footballer welcomed their son Freddie in March.

They had their daughter, Patricia Charlotte, in September 2018.

Christine is also step-mum to Frank's children with Elen Rivas, Luna, 15 and Isla, 14.

A source revealed: "Christine is really looking forward to going back to work and the whole Lorraine team are delighted to have her on board."

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In May, Christine’s husband Frank said he was enjoying relaxing since losing his job as Chelsea Football Club manager.

He said: “My son, Freddie, was born two months ago. I’ve been able to enjoy that and being at home with my girls.”

Frank explained that when Patricia was born he was ‘engrossed’ in his work as a manager at Derby, while his experience with Freddie was different and he has been able to be more present.

The football pundit said: “Certainly a managerial career means much more sacrifice than as a player. For instance, Patricia was born when I was manager at Derby and I was engrossed in my work. Being there this time has been the big positive.”

Since then Frank has been on Match of the Day and most recently, appeared on the BBC coverage of England's Euro final against Italy.

Ranvir Singh, who hosts Good Morning Britain, will also be joining Christine to cover for Lorraine from July 19 for a fortnight.

Ranvir is experienced as she has presented the show before, and was delighted to be invited back.

Ranvir said: "It’s such a privilege to do the show because I’m a massive fan of Lorraine, obviously."

"She’s so supportive and wonderful. So to be sitting in her seat is just such a lovely moment.

"I started doing it before Christmas, I feel so at home there and the team is amazing.

"Just to be able to speak to guests about what’s going on in their lives, as opposed to always looking for a headline. I just really enjoy that, spending time talking to people in a way that you can’t in three-minute interviews.

"It’s just a real thrill for me.”

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