Cathy plans to get pregnant after PMDD diagnosis in Emmerdale

Emmerdale’s Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) recently got a definitive diagnosis of the problem that’s been causing her massive difficulties for almost a year now. It was confirmed that she is suffering from PMDD, a severe form of premenstrual syndrome that causes a range of physical and emotional symptoms.

The illness means that for two weeks out of every monthly menstrual cycle she has massive mood swings, which can cause her to feel anxiety or depression and can make her lash out violently. At other times she’s put herself at risk with reckless behaviour as she loses control.

Understandably the knowledge that this condition can’t be cured has left Cathy devastated at the prospect of suffering like this possibly for decades.

She came up with a drastic solution after looking for answers on the internet, shocking Bob (Tony Audenshaw) with the announcement that she wanted to get her womb and ovaries removed. Liam (Jonny McPherson), Wendy (Susan Cookson) and Bob tried to convince her that this radical surgery would never be carried out on someone so young.

Cathy found a clinic in America that might have considered it and she booked an online appointment using Wendy’s credit card. But in Monday (September 18)’s episode she got a message letting her know that the card had been declined.

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Wendy also got a call from her bank and knew instantly who’d been trying to use her card. She and Bob went to confront Cathy, who was in the cafe with April (Amelia Flanagan).

After they’d gone, Cathy revealed to April that she didn’t need to have the surgery anyway, because she’d come up with a plan B. She was going to get pregnant.

She reckoned this would mean she’d be free of the hormonal fluctuations that caused her symptoms for nine months, and one percent of PMDD sufferers found their symptoms stopped permanently after pregnancy. She was hoping she might be in that one percent.

April, obviously shocked by this new scheme, pointed out that for nine months of respite from the symptoms Cathy would end up with a baby. And if she wasn’t one of the lucky one percent, would she have to be pregnant permanently to keep the symptoms at bay?

Cathy wasn’t looking that far ahead – she was just after a quick fix. Of course it takes two to tango, and Cathy already had the perfect partner literally in her sights.

Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) was enjoying a quick break away from the hurly burly of doing work experience at Craig (Ben Addis)’s offices, oblivious to his new role in Cathy’s life.

From Cathy’s point of view he’s the perfect choice. He has a glittering career ahead of him if his current meteoric rise in the video games world is anything to go by.

And of course one thing we know about Samson for certain is that he’s fertile, as he already has one child living in the village. On the down side he’s been a rubbish father to his daughter Esther, repeatedly telling everyone that he doesn’t want to be a dad and he’ll never want to be a dad. He once even called social services on Amelia (Daisy Campbell), hoping that if Esther was taken into care he wouldn’t have to bother with her at all.

As Cathy implemented her plan by striking up a conversation with the budding tech entrepreneur, she may find the whole thing more difficult than she’s currently hoping. Samson might have been careless when Amelia got pregnant but he’s older, wiser and more wary now.

Or is he?

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