BBC viewers all have the same complaint about this year's Christmas TV line-up

BBC viewers have blasted this year's Christmas TV line-up after it was revealed there would be TWO Mrs Brown's Boys specials.

Following on from the show's live ten-year anniversary special over Halloween – the sitcom, starring Brendan O'Caroll, is back for more.

The first episode, titled Mammy's Mechanical Merriment, sees Agned Brown, played by actor Brendan, 66, join a church choir in Finglas.

Meanwhile, Buster – played by Danny O'Carroll – will get busy trying to find a Christmas tree, and Dermot, played by Paddy Houlihan, organises a fundraiser.

The second episode will pick up where things left off as New Year comes around, with Agnes reunited with Grandad's brother Micky.

In true New Year's spirit, the family are set to have a heart-to-heart across the two episodes as their story continues to unravel.

But after the BBC announced the upcoming double special, viewers took to social media to complain over the line-up and slam the show as "insufferable".

One wrote to Twitter: "Haven't we suffered enough? Thank god for DVDs and streaming and the internet so we can avoid the festive forced fun."

"Haven't we suffered enough already?" a second chimed in, as a third wrote: "Rolling out the awfully dreadful Mrs Brown's Boys yet again. Lord, save me now."

"Don't turn on the BBC over Christmas, not one but TWO Mrs Brown's Boys," someone else concluded. "What new form of hell is this?"

"What have we done to deserve this? Why do I pay a license fee? No entertainment and no intelligent news," a sixth person penned.

While the exact airing times of the specials have not been revealed, fans can expect to see them hit screens in the coming weeks.

Mrs Brown's Boys is set to be just one of a handful of hit BBC show's getting their own special episode this festive season.

Other programmes including Death in Paradise, Call the Midwife, Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who will air Christmas specials.

A festive-themed The Repair Shop and two brand new nature films from Sir David Attenborough have also been added to the line-up.

The BBC's chief content officer, Charlotte Moore, shared her hopes that the programmes will "bring everyone together to share the festive season".

"There’s a stocking full of special programmes to enthral and enchant featuring your favourite stars and characters, whatever your mood," she said.

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