BBC News's George Alagiah says having cancer equipped him to fight coronavirus

BBC News presenter George Alagiah has tested positive for coronavirus, but has shared a defiant message with fans. 

The news anchor, who also has bowel cancer, spoke on BBC News at Six to share his diagnosis with viewers. 

He revealed: ‘I don’t want to trivialise because I seem to have had a mild dose, but actually, the very fact that we (cancer patients) are living with cancer I think gives us an edge.

‘We’ve confronted those difficult, dark moments in our life. And in some ways, I think that we, those of us living with cancer, are stronger because we kind of know what it is like to go into something where the outcomes are uncertain.

‘And I certainly feel that having had that experience, in my case six years as a cancer patient, I went into this feeling actually quite strong. 

‘If I can live with cancer, I can certainly live with Covid-19.’

George had earlier revealed he was self-isolating away from the newsroom in order to prevent catching the virus. 

He tweeted on 17 March: ‘Absolutely gutted. After talking to colleagues and doctors I’ve decided to stay away from the newsroom. 

‘I’m on a few weeks cancer treatment break at the moment but, on a balance of risks, we all decided I must heed the advice for those with underlying health issues’

George had revealed he had been tested after developing a temperature and was in high-risk group due to having cancer.

He says his experience of the virus was mild so far, but that many others would also experience the milder form of the infection.

George has been undergoing treatment for cancer after he was first diagnosed in 2014, with it returning in 2017.

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