Bachelor alum Michelle Money shares new x-rays of teen daughter’s fractured skull after skateboarding accident – The Sun

THE Batchelor's Michelle Money has poured out her heart on Instagram as her daughter Brielle lies in hospital with a brain injury, emotionally telling fans she is "using their prayers up" for her survival.

The worried mum, 39, updated followers on her Instagram page with her 15-year-old daughter's progress, after she suffered the horror injuries in a skateboarding accident last weekend.

Michelle, 39, revealed a stark snap showing the damage done to the teenager's skull during the incident.

Clear fracture lines can be seen running across a significant amount of bone.

Her daughter is currently on a life support machine and medically induced coma at Intermountain Healthcare's Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Michelle, who starred in Season 15 of The Batchelor, chose to re-post a snap and caption from ex Ryan Money's Instagram which showed there had been some positive medical progress.

In a lengthy caption keeping concerned fans fully informed, he told how the bruising and swelling on her skull had gone down, while a blood clot had also eased its way out.

Yet hours later their child had taken a turn for the worst.

In a understandably deeply troubling time for the estranged couple, he wrote alongside th scan snap and images of the hospital ward: "April 3rd @ Noon The CT scan yesterday (the pics of her skull and the fractures are from this CT Scan) gave us a bunch of good news.

"The bruising and swelling in Brie's head has gone down. No new swelling.

"Also, Brie had a blood clot in her jugular, the angiogram showed the blood is now flowing through that vein.

"The nurses worked overtime and got Brie on an airbed. This will allow them to move her around better and be more comfortable for her.

"Keep in mind at Primary Childrens there are a lot of small kids who are a lot easier to move around. Brie being older has its pluses (more tolerance of medicine) and its disadvantages (she is hard to move around and it takes longer to do most anything with her)."

In a more concerning update from the night before he wrote: "Michelle went in last night @ 8pm. Brielle had the worst night since she has been there.

"The pressure in her brain was almost twice as high as it has ever been.

"It was a rough night and definitely for the 2 steps forward she had with the Scans yesterday this was a step back.

"The doctors are not sure why this happened and have been working on her all morning."

He told how fluid had been detected on Brie's lungs and that medics had suggested she may have to be placed in a medically induced coma again if things did not improve.

The parent added: "We have had a bit of negative news today. Been a tough one.

"THANK YOU again for your prayers – we are using them up. I will update again probably later tonight."

Michelle has previously admitted she blames herself for her daughter's tragic accident – which came as she wasn't wearing a helmet.

Talking of co-parenting Brie, she said: "I feel like as I look back I have been such a pushover and so lenient in a world where we can't afford to be friends first for our children.
"I should have put the helmet on her before she left. I should have physically put it on her because I am her mother,' she added."

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