Ashley Jacobs slams ex-Southern Charm stars 'cowards' as they turn on Kathryn Dennis

FORMER Southern Charm star Ashley Jacobs has come to the defense of her longtime rival Kathryn Dennis.

The nurse, who dated Kathryn's ex Thomas Ravenel, hit out at Cameran Eubanks, Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner for slamming Dennis following their exits from the Bravo reality series.

According to PEOPLE, Ashley called out Eubanks, Olindo and Meissner on her Instagram Story on Thursday and wrote: "The whole cast was aware of this behavior the WHOLE time.

"The only reason you defended her while cameras were filming (not off camera, keep in mind) was because you lacked the integrity to be honest and real in front of the cameras for fear of unpopular opinion.

"You created your 'Kween' — this reality TV fictional character by condoning that behavior," Ashley said of Kathryn.

"And now you're all upset about it?"

The trio had all blamed Kathryn for claims that Cameran's husband, Dr. Jason Wimberly, had been having a two-year affair behind her back with a local makeup artist named Rebecca Leigh Wash.

The three women have claimed that being exposed to defamatory claims on camera is part of the reason why they are walking away from the Bravo series.

However, Cameran took to Instagram explaining her decision to leave was not based on rumors about her marriage, which was first reported by

Cameran shared: "My decision was made and given to Bravo months ago and had absolutely nothing to do with ridiculous and fake rumors about my marriage.

"Please disregard any fabricated rumor. It’s a ploy for ratings and that’s it."

Rebecca Leigh Wash also took to Instagram this week to hit back at the affair allegations.

She wrote: "I have been wrongfully accused of having a relationship with the husband of Cameran Wimberly of Southern Charm."

"I have never met Jason or Cameran Wimberly in my life. These hurtful accusations are blatant unfounded lies that have shaken me to my core."

She also blamed Kathryn for starting the rumor: "The allegations that this rumor was started by Kathryn Dennis are even more hurtful."

The casting shakeups follow co-star Kathryn apologizing to radio host Tamika Gadsden after she was accused of sending her racially insensitive remarks.

In a heated exchange over politics, Kathryn sent an emoji of a monkey, a symbol which has long been considered racist, to Tamika.

Kathryn threw out other insults calling the podcaster a “weenie” and telling her to “grow a pair."

However, she has now apologized for her remarks: "I want to acknowledge that using a monkey emoji in my text was offensive, and from the bottom of my heart I sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone I hurt.

"Although the context was not my intention, there are no ‘if ands or buts’ that excuse me. I did not give it thought, and it was and is wrong.

"I know I am not that person. I know and will do better."

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