Alison Hammond's binge-watch tips from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to Tiny House Nation

Alison Hammond is one of telly’s most loved stars right now as she keeps us entertained on This Morning during coronavirus quarantine.

… So if anyone is perfect for the latest episode of What I Binge, our daily deep dive into the viewing habits of our fave stars, it’s going to be this lady.

Starting her career on Big Brother, Alison knows a thing or two about being in isolation and keeping yourself busy, and, more importantly, keeping yourself entertained as you’re stuck inside.

So, what is she watching right now? Is she keeping it comical and watching old favourites like Emily Atack? Or maybe delving into Netflix’s best original shows like Lucifer’s Kevin Alejandro?

Speaking to, the star told us all about what’s keeping her cooped up on her sofa during lockdown – and why bubblegum TV is where it’s at.

Here’s everything she’s recommending we watch…

What are you binge watching right now? 

You’re gonna think “Oh my god what kind of TV is this?”, but the reason why is because it’s bubblegum TV. I don’t have to think it’s just crazy… It’s called Undercover Girlfriends.

Basically, these five girls go undercover, they go on holiday, and their boyfriends go on holiday as well. And they basically watch their boyfriends to see if they cheat while they’re away.

I’m already getting addicted and I’ve only just watched the first episode. Oh my God.

Also, have you seen Self Made on Netflix? It’s about Madame Walker, first black woman to make a million dollars, selling hair products for black women.

Honestly it’s really good. Octavia Spencer is so good in it. I got right into it.

What show do you find yourself always going back to?

So, my failsafe, if I’m like just thinking “oh don’t know what to watch now”. I’ll go to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, because it’s just incredible.

I’m on the third series now so she’s proper crazy at the moment, where she’s fully crazy. I love the musical side of things, all the dances and the music.

Again, something that you can just go, “oh I love this show”. You just get into it. It’s funny, it makes me laugh. Obviously I love singing and dancing so it’s all in for me. I just think it’s fabulous.

I sometimes watch Midsomer Murders, has anyone else said that? I like a murder mystery – mainly because it’s done in one episode. You see the whole story in one episode, and then you move on. I can jump in and jump out.

I wouldn’t mind getting myself a nice part in that. I think I’d do well, you know, as someone who dies. Killed by like a hamburger or something. Something that kills me, I get poisoned, and I do a really long over the top dramatical death. I think I could do well in that.

What was the last show you sat and binge watched in one sitting?

I binge-watched Love Is Blind, and I binge-watched it when the first series wasn’t all there. And then I was like tearing my hair out, because I had to wait for another week in order to see the next episode, and then that’s a wait another week to watch the reunion.

It’s just the best thing ever, and now I’m like, I’m stalking them all on on Instagram. I’ve already text most of the blokes saying I’m single.

You don’t have to think, you don’t have to work out who’s who. You can just dip in and out. Go get a cup of tea and you don’t have to pause it, because you can pick it up dead quick because they repeat everything so many bloody times.

That’s my type of TV, and I need that after a stressful day.

What was the last show to make you cry laughing?

Shall I tell you something? Watching This Morning makes me cry laughing. I think because I know Philip and Holly, and Eamonn and Ruth, when they crack a joke, I might find it ten times funnier because I know them.

I know what they’re thinking and know their inner thoughts. So like, it makes that always makes me laugh more because you kind of know them.

But I guess everyone feels like that, when they watch them, so they make me laugh-cry. They make me laugh-cry when I’m on the show, and I see them at the corner of my eye, and they see me and I’ve been doing something that makes them crack-up,.and then that makes me want to just like laugh my head off.

I have to be quiet because obviously I’m behind the behind the camera.

What was the last show to make you cry?

I like the Good Karma Hospital. Good Karma Hospital’s just a really really nice show, and that does make me cry sometimes, because the acting’s brilliant and superb in that.

Actually, here’s a show that made me cry, and it was a comedy! Have you seen Good Girls? With Retta?

It’s about these three women, and they basically become bank robbers. They become drug dealers in the second series. It’s really good. But made me cry.

There’s a bit in it where her girl doesn’t get a kidney operation and she needs her operation, it’s her child, and everything she’s actually doing is purely to get a child this operation.

Honestly, there’s a reason why these girls get involved in this crime. And it’s so so good, you kind of see yourself getting involved.

Do you have a show you didn’t expect to fall in love with? 

Something I thought that I wasn’t gonna enjoy, but I absolutely loved it, was Tiny House Nation on Netflix!

So basically, people give up their lifestyle of having a big house and downsize and make a little tiny house… like really tiny. Like a little tiny kitchen, and a little tiny bedroom, but they downsize to have more money so they can do more things in their life.

They realize that they never really needed the big house, they just needed a tiny little space, and it’s about tiny houses and literally watch how they make these tiny houses. It’s amazing.

I’m aspiring for one I swear to God, I’m aspiring to have my very own tiny house… though maybe in my back garden as I’m not gonna live in it forever. But I want a tiny house because honestly they’re on another level. They’re tinier than a caravan!

I thought “oh this is gonna be rubbish”, but when I watched it – flipping brilliant.

What show do you think more people should be watching right now? 

Have you watched Styling Hollywood? It’s about these two black gay men right, and they style all the black celebrities in Hollywood.

So, anybody who’s anyone, if you’re a black celebrity, they style you and they style your house as well.

They’re the most beautiful gay couple ever, and they want to have a baby. So there’s constantly talking about having a baby and when they’re gonna have a baby.

Honestly, so so good. It’s again bubblegum TV, and I just love it. They’re married and they’ve got a dog, just amazing.

What show have you been meaning to binge watch, but haven’t got round to yet? 

Tiger King. People who own tigers and try and kill each other. Everyone’s going on and on about it at the moment, which is sweet, but I’ve got too much going on.

I’m happy in my bubble, with my bubblegum life of reality TV. Maybe once I get a chance and a bit of time… Thoughl I have got quite a lot of time on my hands at the moment!

I should get involved but I don’t like opening one series and having another two open, it just gets me all confused, and I don’t like it. I like to concentrate on the one series, finish it and move on.

So, the moment I’m going to be watching Undercover Girlfriends, and then I’ll go on to Tiger King.

What was the best binge-watch tip someone gave you?

I’ve just done Celebs Go Dating, and I’ve obviously got really friendly with Olivia from Made in Chelsea. I’d never watched it before and now I’ve met her and I’m really friendly with her, I’m getting into it.

Towie too – I’d never watched it but now I’ve met at Amy Childs I’m now all over it. And obviously James Lock too. I’m now a Chelsea and Towie fan.

I’m looking forward to Amy Childs coming back, because there’s not enough families in it – they need to have more families, and she, you know, she’s got family she’s got two kids. It’s gonna be interesting seeing her leaving her single life.

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