You’ve been using dishwashers wrong – cleaning pro says you shouldn’t pre-rinse

Dishwashers are one of the biggest time-saving tools in most homes – and we love them for eliminating washing up.

But, there’s nothing more annoying than opening the door to see that your dishes aren’t properly clean…

So, you either run the cycle again – wasting more expensive dishwasher products – or finish washing the plates by hand.

Kind of negates the point of a dishwasher, no…?

To avoid this, many of us rinse bowls and pots before loading them up, but an expert claims that washing dishes first could be to blame for a dirty load.

Do you think the expert is right? Tell us why in the comments…

Australian cleaning expert Ashley Iredale told ABC that there’s “absolutely no need to pre-rinse”.

He explained that to get the cleanest dishwasher load you should skip pre-rinsing as it encourages ingrained stains.

Ashley commented that most dishwashers have sensors which indicate how filthy things are – and this lets them target problem areas.

Therefore if you pre-rinse the plates then you’re hiding the dirt from the machine.

The expert recommended scraping any extra food into the rubbish before sticking them straight into the dishwasher.

This will stop the machine becoming clogged with food debris.

We would never have thought that this would work!

But, if it's what the experts recommend then we'll definitely be trying it out.

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