Woman is inundated with confessions from people who are hiding secrets

Do YOU have a secret that could ‘ruin your life’? People reveal their hidden pasts – including a mother who used to be a lap dancer and a woman whose friend doesn’t know he’s not the father of his child

  • A British woman sparked a Mumsnet discussion about hiding terrible secrets
  • Writing anonymously, many confessed they’ve had affairs and tried sex work
  • Others claimed they don’t have any secrets but have been confided in 

Parents have anonymously shared their dark secrets in an explosive online thread. 

Hundreds of Mumsnet users confessed to fraud, affairs and criminal acts after one woman asked if anyone had a secret that would ‘ruin their life’ if it came to light. 

Many of the people taking part had only told those closest to them while others had never told a soul. 

However using pseudonyms they were able to share details of their dark pasts. 

A British woman sparked a discussion about hiding terrible secrets that could be used as blackmail (file image)

Writing anonymously on Mumsnet, the woman explained her interest came from watching TV series and films that feature characters who have life-changing secrets

One person said: ‘OMG I literally have so many. I have name changed to spill a few. I used to be a lap dancer, absolutely no one knows that. 

‘I got with my husband when he left his first wife for me, that’s not a secret as such but our kids don’t know and one I worry they will think bad of us for it.

‘I have committed fraud on more than one occasion. I have a very big asset due to slightly iffy but technically legal behaviour.

A stream of people contributed their own secrets, including one woman who had an affair 

Another wrote: ‘My family have no idea that I was a junkie and prostitute that spent time in a mental unit and women’s refugee, that I was homeless and then lived in a hostel.

‘I was hundreds of miles away from any of them at the time and I didn’t see them for year. I only spoke to them occasionally. ‘  

Others revealed they don’t have secrets of their own, but they are hiding information on behalf of a friend or family member. 

One person wrote: ‘Not me but I know a married woman who had an affair and became pregnant by her lover and is now bringing up that child as her husband’s. Neither of them know. I think the girl is about 13 now.’ 

Hundreds of users took to the parenting forum to share their secrets this week

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